[Frogpaw sits in the bottom left against a starry sky with light headshots of Lionheart, Firestar, and Yellowfang in the sky beside them]

Flaws in StarClan by Frogpaw

Frogpaw takes a critical look at StarClan.

[Frogpaw sits in the bottom left against a starry sky with light headshots of Lionheart, Firestar, and Yellowfang in the sky beside them]
Art by Frogpaw/sparkle
[Frogpaw sits in the bottom left against a starry sky with light headshots of Lionheart, Firestar, and Yellowfang in the sky beside them]

Do you think StarClan is a good place for cats to go when they die? If you do, I beg to differ. I think StarClan isn’t as great as people think, and I think the Erin’s could have written it better. StarClan had great potential! And before you argue with me, read the article below.

Hey it’s Frogpaw! I wanted to write this article because I had thought about it for weeks, and it took me a while to have the motivation to do it. I hope you enjoy this article!

The first reason I don’t like their idea of “StarClan” and “The Dark Forest” is because of the Juniperclaw argument. If people are even considering letting Mapleshade into StarClan, there should clearly be a spot for Juniperclaw. He died saving a kit! Which is part of the warrior code, and, he only poisoned SkyClan to protect his clan, which is like fighting other clans, which happens all the time. Also, Bluestar made it into StarClan! Although I love this cat, she broke the warrior code as a warrior and met with Oakheart- not to mention, HAD KITS WITH HIM. She also didn’t even believe in StarClan at the end, which Juniperclaw clearly had a strong loyalty for. And, not to mention, all the other cats who broke the code multiple times?

My other argument is about cats being able to “come back”? To begin with, no cats should be able to reincarnate to begin with. Cinderpelt got to live a long life (not a good one) and she got reincarnated but all those kits who never ever got to live a life don’t? Something is wrong here. What about Swiftpaw or Sweetpaw or a bunch of other apprentices? Also, the thought of spirits being gone forever, like Bristlefrost? (I don’t care about Ashfur asjsjfjjdkd). Also, if a cat is forgotten, they disappear? When you think about it, I would still know about my mother’s grandfather (most likely) but would I tell my children about my great-grandfather? Probably not unless he was famous or very significant in my life. And then, if I die, he would probably be forgotten. In the world of warrior cats, my great grandfather would then ”fade-away”.

Also, I don’t think StarClan should be as highly respected as they are. In TPB I would’ve put all my trust into StarClan, and the cats did. But as the moons went on, StarClan got worse. When reading TPoT, I realized Jayfeather (JayPAW at the moment) was right, if Tigerstar died and went to StarClan, he is still Tigerstar! It’s exactly like how Ashfur used StarClan (more specifically Yellowfang) to possess cats while in StarClan. Dying does not change them, you may argue that Mudclaw changed, but he didn’t automatically change because of going to StarClan, he changed when Tallstar told him the real story. StarClan cats are the exact same as normal clan cats just that they are spirits so why should cats have more respect for them then their own clan leader? And now, StarClan is putting cats in terrible situations and the clans still go running to them for help, StarClan can’t help anyone, if they knew the future Yellowfang would’ve known that sending Ashfur to StarClan would’ve almost killed the clans.

This reason is not as much about StarClan as it is about the roles of the clans and the connection it has to this cat heaven. Medicine cats, leaders, and prophecy cats are the only ones who can speak to StarClan, but it doesn’t seem right to me, here’s why. Warriors hunt and fight for the clan, and I’m not saying that medicine cats aren’t as valuable, but if they are willing to risk their life for their clan, shouldn’t they know a little bit of the world they will go to when they pass? If all the clan members (besides cats like kits, apprentices, elder’s, etc) got to see the visions of who must be the next deputy or journeys they must make it would make everything easier to agree. If medicine cats get visions from past medicine cats about what herbs to use, Warriors could get visions from their past mentors or past leaders when they are in battles to help them win.

My last reason is that shouldn’t prophecy cats be told the prophecy to them by their medicine cat? Or a leader? It doesn’t make sense unless the medicine cat is the evil one. Plus, if the medicine cat gets the vision then they can tell the cats what it means. If only the prophecy cats get the vision #1, the medicine cat’s job is useless, 2#, it makes other warriors feel less valuable because StarClan doesn’t speak to them.

That is all I have for today! I hope you enjoy this article! I greatly enjoyed writing it! And to be fair, Warriors would not be quite as enjoyable as it is if StarClan didn’t have all these flaws. Farewell!


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