Happy Birthday, Shadeleap!

It’s BlogClan’s Deputy, Shadeleap’s Birthday!!

Hey Shadeleap! A very happy birthday to you from all of us! 😀

We love having you here with us and we’re super glad to be able to celebrate with you today!

What are you getting up to for your birthday? Have you got a celebration you’re looking forward to? Or something else lovely for your birthday?

This is a cake for you to share with all your friends on BlogClan:

image credit to emmarose on pinterest

It’s a simple but nice chocolate cake which I hope you’ll like! 😀

This gift is from Frogpaw:

“To our beautiful Shadeleap 💅,

Ahhh! It’s your day!!! Where do I start? Shadeleap is so sweet and kind and smart. I mean, Engulfed In Shadows absolutely stuns me!! Even as a cringey newbie named Gryffinkit she was still super helpful and one of my first friends! (With the exception of Havenpaw, Cloudtail, and Flamepaw) Shadeleap is so easy to talk to and will crack you up every time 😛💅. Sending good wishes for another year of awesomeness!!!

(P.S, Shadeleap is such a good deputy that Firestar bowed down to her 😛)”

Art by Frogpaw

This gift is from Sandbreeze:

Hey Shades!
I can’t believe that we’ve been mentor and apprentice for almost 2 years now(if I’m counting correctly 😅)! You were one of my first friends on the Blog and truly an inspiration to me. Your kindness, strong support, and welcome to everyone is such a big part of the light you shine to others.
I can see that friends are a big part of what you stand for, and it really inspires me because of that. Your values, personality, and kindness makes me glad that I have had another year on the Blog with you. It’s hard to believe that in just two months I’ll be graduating into a warrior, but I’m happy that we had two whole years to spend together. That doesn’t mean that we can quit being friends, of course! 😀
Down below is a moodboard I made for you! I tried to include all your favorite things, like The Good Place, Italian food, friends, ice cream, the bible, and more:)
Wishing you a very happy birthday,
Your apprentice Sandbreeze.
P.S. Sorry if this was too mushy 😂

Collage by Sandbreeze
Collage by Sandbreeze

🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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