[a fluffy full-body design of Mistystar raising her front paw]

There are more half-clan cats than you think by Stormpaw

Stormpaw lists some half-clan cats in the series.

[a fluffy full-body design of Mistystar raising her front paw]
[a fluffy full-body design of Mistystar raising her front paw]

Hi! I will be discussing how many half-clan cats there are. So just a warning this is my first article so it will not be my best work. But anyway, on with it! You might have noticed this but I thought it would be cool to share, If you are pure thunderclan blood, A son or daughter of ThunderStar, the first thunderclan leader, you technically could be half-clan. So here me out, Thunderstar is Clearsky’s son. Clearsky is from skyclan, more specifically skyclan’s first leader. So That makes any of Thunderstar’s descendants half clan, Part skyclan and part thunderclan. Now I will be just writing about some of the half clans I know about, If You have a favorite half-clan I would love to add it to a new article so post it in the comments and I just might add it to my next article, also If you would like to be mentioned you would see this, for example “Thornpaw recommended Stormfur” But I will do one name and one cat, If a name is recommended more that once I will put the first one I see. Just to be fair, I am putting all the cats and their recommendations at the end, But now spotlight on our halfclan cats!!!!!!

Graypool and Willowbreeze: These cats were half riverclan and half windclan. Each of them received their names to show Part of fallowtail’s heart will always be in wind clan (willowbreeze) and part of her heart in riverclan (Graypool)

MistyStar: Mistystar’s parents are bluestar of thunderclan and oakheart of riverclan,Mistystar’s Warrior name was Mistyfoot. Mistystar did have a mate and his name was blackclaw. Blackclaw is dead and ascended to Starclan

The last halfclan I actually know about is Stonefur. He was Mistystar’s brother and he did not have a mate. He survived until tigerclan, he then died when he refused to kill half-clan cats he was killed by blackfoot and darkstripe.

Thank you!
I would like to say thank you for reading my article. I really don’t know many half-clan cats and I would love to write another article. Please tell me If you want another cat in my next article and if I have some incorrect information

Thanks for reading! Stormpaw Out!

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