[a starry cat descends from the night sky]

Why I hate StarClan by Silverpaw

Silverpaw shares their thoughts on StarClan.

[a starry cat descends from the night sky]
Art by NatameSecrea
[a starry cat descends from the night sky]

Hello everyone! Sil here <3 I’m writing this in Jan, still a kit, but Im pretty sure that when this is out I’ll be a ‘paw, so… πŸ˜› Anyways what am I saying, this is irrelevant-
Anyways, onto the topic- Why I hate StarClan. Breaking this down into a few points, so let’s get started now ^^
1 – They are SUPER UNFAIR
I hate the fact that they didn’t let Juniperclaw, who saved Shadowkit (Who was essential in helping the Clans defeat Ashfur in TBC) even though he poisoned SkyClan’s fresh-kill pile! Besides, when he poisoned the fresh-kill pile, he was doing it because he wanted to help his Clan since he was scared SkyClan would want to fight ShadowClan or something like that- Can’t remember- But still, he did it because he wanted to help his Clan, not like some random poisoning for revenge on ONE CAT

However, they let ASHFUR in. ASHFUR. Yellowfang said that the only thing he did was to love to much, but based on how he treated Squilf in TBC, he was more possessive and obsessed with her than the Warriors idea of ‘love’. Even in Power of Three (Forgot which book) he threatened to make Squilf’s kits suffer and kill them. That practically said that he didn’t even love Squilf anymore! Look at Bluestar’s case for example: Thrushpelt knew the kits weren’t his, but he still protected her secret. Ashfur was ready to reveal and humiliate Squilf in front of all four Clans (At that point in time). And StarClan still let him in? I don’t understand what Yellowfang was going on about…

2 – They basically think that everything is so-called ‘destiny’
H o n e s t l y! I mean, it may be in the Warriors world not irl, but it’s like they use destiny to prove everything. It’s always either ‘This was supposed to happen’ or ‘StarClan planned out our life when we were born’ (I know the second one isn’t the same, but I can’t remember what it is so who cares). It kind of gets irritating after a while. Who on earth (Not irl, speaking as if the Warriors world is our current world)
Also, while we’re on the topic of ancestors,

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