[a fluffy design of Berryheart sitting with her colour palette]

🫐💖 BerryHeart 🫐💖 by CloudPaw

CloudPaw shares their thoughts on Berryheart.

[a fluffy design of Berryheart sitting with her colour palette]
Art by warriorcatsdatabase
[a fluffy design of Berryheart sitting with her colour palette]

So, um- hi, Cloudo here, and uh- yeah. Let’s talk about one of my favorite antagonists. BerryHeart!

Now, to start things off, I always see people labeling her as a “villain”, which- NO, NO, NO, you’ve got it all wrong! She’s an antagonist, not a villain! The official definition for a villain is “(in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot.” Which, come on, her actions will be important later, but were they evil? I don’t think so. Meanwhile, Antagonists are, “people who actively oppose or are hostile to someone or something; an adversary.” BerryHeart is hostile towards SunBeam and SpireClaw, as well as TigerStar 2. So, she’s an antagonist, as she gets in their way, and is quite hostile.

BerryHeart’s History

Anyways, BerryHeart wasn’t always in the spotlight. She was an unimportant background character. She was born to SnowBird and ScorchFur sometime during… eh, about AVoS with her siblings CloverFoot, FrondWhisker, RippleTail, and YarrowLeaf.

But this is where things get weird… REALLY weird. She is BerryHeart, like, almost immediately, so either there was a large gap between OotS and AVoS, or… BerryHeart and her siblings have magic powers 🟣✨

Ok, Jk, I suspect she’s probably born in BrambleStar’s Storm (WwWhy!!!), as it’s mentioned that three kits from ShadowClan are born. How she grew up so quickly, beats me. I still think it’s the whole large gap thing. However, we’ll still consider the magic power thing.

“No, that’s impossible!” or “That’s very unlikely,” I hear some of you saying. Which I agree- she probably doesn’t have magic powers… probably. Yet, we see characters like DoveWing and JayFeather, who have weird enhanced powers. So, it’s possible that BerryHeart has aging powers along with her siblings, but not probable. It was most likely for book convenience.

Anyways! She’s not important… until around book three… yeah, idk, she wasn’t a background character for very long. She’s assumed to have been drowned by DarkTail around this time. YET, She wasn’t! Sadly, YarrowLeaf goes with DarkTail’s remaining rogues. Don’t worry, she will come back! Anyways, in TigerHeart’s Shadow, we see him bring BerryHeart, along with CloverFoot, SparrowTail, her kits and FrondWhisker, Anyways, they are back at ShadowClan now. They resolve the chaos in River of Fire, and stuff. She even gets a exclusive manga at the back of TigerHeart’s Shadow, where she’s like, “I survived! I can’t believe it! I thought I was done for- everycat thinks I’m done with- I- I have to leave the lake, but- some cat has to know! Oh! SparrowTail! tell CloverFoot and the rest of my siblings that I’m alive! What’s taking SparrowTail so long? SparrowTail! I can’t believe it- what are the twoleg’s doing? (bike racing), CloverFoot! FrondWhisker! We have to get back to ShadowClan eventually…” all that blah blah stuff. Anyways, we’re about done with the boring stuff, so- yeah, exciting stuff time! Oh, and YarrowLeaf’s back.

She was basically a background character again in the broken code. She didn’t really do much, except be a mother to SunBeam, HollowSpring, and SpireClaw. I don’t know, she was mother to NeedleTail too, but remember: NeedleTail died. (questions the whole aging thing again) Anyways, yeah, she was a background character: but afterwards, oh, that’s where the fun really begins.

BerryHeart becomes an antagonist in ASC, as you all know- right? .. right? Do you all know? well, anyways, in River (spoilers, btw, oh and for Thunder too) she fusses over SunBeam, and is pretty mad when SpireClaw takes a mate… one originally from SkyClan, FringeWhisker. Now, before I go on, I would like to say: I don’t support the new code- like, at all. I’m glad they’re trying to change the code, but- this isn’t the way. as BerryHeart says, if they allow cats to change over and over again- there might soon not be clans. What was their solution? TRIALS! TRIALS WERE THEIR SOLUTION! As Bright Guardian Akira says, the clans can easily abuse this system. If a clan doesn’t like a cat, they can make the trial literally IMPOSSIBLE, or, if the clan likes a cat, or basically wants, they can make the trial easy peasy, lemon squeezy. It’s unfair! I kind of liked NightHeart’s suggestion earlier on, when he was FlamePaw, where he suggested the cat has to become an apprentice. Yet… that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? So, yeah, but this article is about BerryHeart, not the code, so carry on we must.

BerryHeart becomes more of an antagonist in Sky, where NightHeart wants to join ShadowClan. She fusses over him, saying stuff like how he shouldn’t be ShadowClan, or something like that. NightHeart realizes his heart belongs with ThunderClan, and purposely fails his trial to go back. SunBeam, irritably enough, follows him. SHE FOLLOWS HIM TO THUNDERCLAN! Of course BerryHeart’s in outrage! NightXSun is a disaster waiting to happen! I’m happy they like each other, and SunBeam’s loyal enough to be willing to change clans to ThunderClan, but that shows how much the Erins favor ThunderClan to the rest of the clans. BECAUSE OF COURSE.

In Shadow, SunBeam did that thing we mentioned earlier, and BrambleStar announces his retirement. NightHeart doesn’t want him to. Oh, and SplashTail tried to murder FrostPaw while she was going to WindClan to tell WhistlePaw what she now knew. Of course, in Thunder, we know she didn’t actually die. Anyways, this is drifting too far away from BerryHeart, so back to her we go. When NightHeart disappears, SunBeam, is of course, worried, and BerryHeart is trying to persuade her to come back to ShadowClan, but SunBeam refuses, saying stuff like, “Nightheart hasn’t left me. He never would. He loves me as much as I love him. My place is with ThunderClan. Not because of Nightheart, but because it’s where I belong. I’m going to be a ThunderClan warrior for the rest of my life, with or without him.” ANYWAYS, at the gathering, BerryHeart does one of the most dramatic things she has ever done.

“‘We have an announcement to make.’ Berryheart acknowledged Yarrowleaf, Snowbird, and Whorlpelt with a nod. ‘We’ve given it long consideration and talked it through at great length. And our Clanmates support us. They know we are doing what’s best for ShadowClan.’ Yarrowleaf squared her shoulders determinedly. Whorlpelt fluffed out his fur. Tigerstar peered down at them, looking mystified. He was clearly unprepared for the interruption. ‘What are you doing?’ But BerryHeart ignored him and appealed to the other leaders, her gaze glittering self-righteously. ‘We want Tigerstar to be removed from the position of leader of ShadowClan.’ Gasps sounded around the clearing. Sunbeam could hardly believe her ears. Berryheart must have bees in her brain.” – pages 317-318, Thunder

Yep. BerryHeart wanted to remove TigerStar from the position of leader. And, thanks to the stupidity of the clans, and StarClan as well, she could have very well gotten away with it… If not for PuddleShine. “Berryheart’s gaze was still burning with self-importance. She turned back to Tigerstar. ‘I have the support of Puddleshine too.’ … Alderheart looked at Puddleshine seriously. ‘Did you really agree to support Berryheart?’ Puddleshine stared back at him, his tail twitching. ‘Yes.’ … Puddleshine stepped forward. His fur was fluffed out and his eyes shone. He looked up at Tigerstar. ‘I only agreed that you should be removed so that the Clans could see how easily this new part of the code could be used by a single cat with a grudge. And how easily it could destabilize a whole clan.’ … Berryheart’s pelt had spiked, ‘You lied to me!’ she hissed at Puddleshine.” – pages 321-322, Thunder

But see, there’s this little thing I’m wondering about. If TigerStar 2 is supposedly in the right, then why are we so mad at him? Sure, he shouldn’t be sticking his head in RiverClan’s business, but if his own clan actually sort of supports him, and we don’t like that BerryHeart is trying to remove him from Leadership- are we just saying, “Hey, we don’t like what your doing, but… well, we don’t want to remove you from your leadership, because you’re actually not doing anything wrong, and uh… yeah.”

We’re against both TigerStar 2 and BerryHeart, but then, when one tries to take down the other, we’re in favor of the one that the other is trying to take down…? Yeah, uh, I don’t really understand this, but, if you all are experts on this sort of thing, then feel free to lecture me on how this works, I suppose. Anyways again, when this backfires, BerryHeart goes into extreme mode.

“‘I’m a ShadowClan warrior down to my bones,’ she growled. ‘I would never join any other Clan. I’d live as a rogue first.’ ‘Then perhaps that’s what you should do.’ Tigerstar looked at Whorlpelt, Yarrowleaf, and Snowbird, who were hanging back now, a little distance between them and Berryheart. … ‘I wouldn’t want cowards with me,’ she snarled. ‘Everything I’ve done was for ShadowClan. If you don’t see that, or can’t appreciate it, fine, I’ll leave. I’ll head out on my own with NO regrets.’ Sparrowtail began to push his way through the crowd. ‘You won’t be on your own,’ he called to Berryheart. ‘I’ll be with you,'” – page 324, Thunder

Ahhh! how romantic, but- well, SparrowTail seems blinded with love. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING- well, whatever.

Anyways, FrostPaw, NightHeart, Waffle, and Wasp overhears them, and are all like, we should move so they don’t spot us! That’s pretty much all I have to say now. Let’s move on to a few other sections.

Cloudo’s BerryHeart Predictions

So, anyways, I think that BerryHeart will definitely show up again, and she probably will do something to be earned with the villain worthy title. From what I know, Wind is coming out April 2nd, 2024, which might be around the time this article will be published, since the new thingy they’re doing, and stuff. So yeah, if she does end up doing something villain worthy, lemme know, because this article was written before the new book release. I’m pretty sure the 6th book will be named “Star” for StarClan, and the rest of you seem pretty sure, too, so, yeah. Oh, and a lot of the books come out on Tuesdays, fun fact. ANYWAYS, I predict BerryHeart might mess with the clans upon her return arrival, if she does, and it will probably have something to do with RiverClan’s leader. In fact, I predict she’ll try to become RiverClan’s leader! I know this theory sounds wild and far-fetched, but, why let BerryHeart go to waste? Maybe FrostPaw will receive a vision that says BerryHeart should be the next leader. I think the Dark Forest is actually going to be less involved than we think. BerryStar, the next leader of RiverClan. I know, they’re looking for a peaceful leader, and BerryHeart doesn’t sound like that, but that’s what makes it fun. Maybe BerryHeart will kill SplashTail, and become the new biggest threat. Maybe SparrowTail will become scared, and flee from her. So many possibilities! We know BerryHeart is very capable of doing so, and she makes for a great antagonist already. so yeah.

BerryHeart’s best Thunder Quotes

Honestly, there were a few quotes BerryHeart said that were so strong, I have to include them- and some of them, I already did! (note: these are ONLY from Thunder)

“You can still come home, I’m not saying it’ll be easy. You did betray your Clan, after all. Our Clanmates are bound to resent you for a while, but I’m sure they’ll forgive you eventually. We all will.” – Page 277

“The tom you trailed after to ThunderClan seems to have disappeared. It looks like he’s left you a second time.” – Page 325-326

“ShadowClan is none of your business, You’re a ThunderClan warrior now, remember?” – Page 280

“I’d never harm my Clanmates,” – Page 280

“Did you even know we were this unhappy? Of course not. You’ve been too busy worrying about RiverClan. You’re out of touch, Tigerstar. Your greed for RiverClan’s territory has made you forget your own Clan. – Page 319

“I didn’t want to have to do this, Tigerstar. You found my family and brought us back to the lake. My kits would have grown up as rogues if it weren’t for you. I wanted to believe you were the leader ShadowClan needed. But now I can see that your greed is stronger than your common sense!” – Page 319-320

“We should have kept our whiskers out of it in the first place, Tigerstar needs to put ShadowClan first, Instead of worrying about whether RiverClan’s getting enough fish, he should be worrying about how our prey’s running. He seems to have forgotten who his real Clanmates are.” – Pages 279-280

“I knew this would happen. I warned you about making friends in other Clans. Nightheart has turned you against me. He’s turned you against your whole Clan! He worms his way into our camp, lies to every cat about wanting to become a ShadowClan warrior, and then steals you!” – page 278

“Do as you please, ShadowClan’s on its own from now on.” – Page 326

“Everything I’ve done has been for ShadowClan. If you don’t see that or can’t appreciate it, fine. I’ll leave. I’ll head out on my own with NO regrets.” – Page 324, arguably the best BerryHeart quote ever!

What I think of BerryHeart

So, in the end, what do I think of BerryHeart? I think she’s just a grave mother, who worries too much about her children, but she’s bound too. NeedleTail’s loss might have contributed to that.

Fun Facts

To end this article off, let’s run through some fun facts!

– Two of BerryHeart’s clique, YarrowLeaf and SnowBird, are her kin. WhorlPelt was trained by JuniperClaw, a Dark Forest cat, in life, which might be the reason he sided with her.
– CloverFoot, ShadowClan’s deputy, is kin to BerryHeart, which might be the reason she was trying to remove TigerStar 2! maybe she thought if CloverFoot became CloverStar, she’d choose her as her deputy, so that eventually, she would become BerryStar.
– BerryHeart is the third female antagonist seen in the main series
– BerryHeart has been in 16 (or 17, it depends) main series books! She has been important in one Super edition.
– BerryHeart gets her black pelt from her father, a dark gray tom, and her white underbelly from Snowbird, her mother. But you knew that, of course!
– All of Snowbird’s kits include: BerryHeart, of course, CloverFoot, “Buster” (RippleTail), BeeNose, YarrowLeaf, BluebellKit, ConeFoot, GullSwoop FrondWhisker. Wow, that’s a lot of siblings, BerryHeart!
– Ah, I don’t know what else to put, just pretend I said something interesting 😛

Anyways – uh, should I make an article on any other characters, if so, which? With that, goodbye from Cloudo!

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    And whoo; Berryheart has so many siblings! Lol

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