March Clanniversary Shoutouts!

Happy spring, everyone!! While we’re all having fun with April Fools Day, I do want to take a moment to celebrate some awesome people!! Apologies for the lack of Clanniversary posts lately, currently working on a plan to get those back on track. Oki dokes, all the clarifying intro stuff out of the way, let’s get to the people!! Buckle up because there’s TEN of them 😀

It has been a few months since we’ve gotten to celebrate a Clanniversary, so I hope you have all been spending that time getting excited!!

Polarecho – Joined the Blog on March 7th last year, so I’m excited that we get to celebrate their first Clanniversary with us!! I’ve really enjoyed seeing your comments over the past year, and I hope to see many more!!

Mojoflight – Mojo joined the Blog EIGHT years ago on March 12th, and has managed to put up with all of us that whole time!! Woo! I know we’ve never really spoken one on one, but I remember seeing you on the Blog when I first joined, and so your name has always been one that has stood out to me over my few years here. I’m glad you’ve found a home on this Blog, and while I know so many people have moved on, I’m very glad you’ve stayed 🙂

Stagpaw – Stagpaw joined the Blog on March 13th a little while ago, and I’m so happy about it!! I don’t know you well personally, but I’m so glad you’ve spent so much time on the Blog with all of us!! I know you cheer up so many people, and we’re grateful you’re here with us.

Flamepaw/spirit – Flam joined the Blog on March 19th, 2 years ago, making this their second Clanniversary here with us!! I’ve loved seeing all of your commentary, and getting to know you from afar!! You have such a clear personality that shines through in all your comments, and I always love seeing them!!

Pineblossom – Piney joined the Blog a while ago on March 20th and has since made such an impact!! I’ve gotten to know you since we began working together, and talking to you over these past couple of years has been a really lovely experience!! You’re funny and kind and professional, and I can’t wait to continue working with you!!

Falconstorm – Cap joined the Blog FOUR years ago, crazy!! On March 21st!! We joined around the same time, and so I’ve loved seeing you on the Blog this whole time!! It’s been really neat seeing your journey, and while we don’t speak often, I love the fact that we’ve gotten to coexist together for so long.

Valleypaw – Valley joined the Blog two years ago, and I’m excited to celebrate that!! I always look forward to your comments, and you always have such a lovely profile picture! I love your name as well, for the record!! You participate in so many different corners of the Blog, and you’ve sent in Clanniversary gifts before, which is so appreciated!!

Racoonkit – Joined the Blog March 24th two years ago! Woo!! It’s been fun seeing your comments on the Blog these past two years!! You always have a nice addition to a conversation, and never turn down a game. It’s been really cool seeing your personality come through, and I’m excited to keep peeking at whatever you have to say.

Stormcloud – March 28th was the date they joined, which is awesome!! I love names that make sense logically and are pretty, and I do have a special attachment to “Storm,” since, growing up, I called my cat “Stormbird.” Great minds think alike ;). Thank you for spending so much time with us!! I hope you have an awesome day!!

Rosethorn – One year ago on March 29th Rosethorn joined the blog! Yay :D. Another fun name that makes sense! It’s been awesome seeing you around the Blog, and peering in at all that you’re up to. You’ve done so much in this year, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future, as well!!

Here are some cupcakes for you all to share!! I hope you enjoy :p

I know this post doesn’t follow quite the same organization that it always has, but I thought it was important to just focus on celebrating everyone. Thank you all for being patient with me for these posts, and I hope to work out a better routine soon. I hope you all had the BEST day every (bestest of the best, coolest of the cools, awesomest of the awesomes, adjectivest of the adjectives, etc). I left a few questions for you all at the bottom of the post!!

To finish it off, here are some questions:

  1. What is your favorite Blog memory?
  2. Did you do anything to celebrate?
  3. If you could go back to your first day on the Blog, would you change anything?

Answer in the comments if you feel comfortable!! I’d love to see them c:

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