[a monochrome picture of a kitten sleeping in the cavity of a typewriter]

Comparing my Oc’s to warrior cats! by Zealpelt

Zealpelt matches their OCs to canon characters from Warriors.

[a monochrome picture of a kitten sleeping in the cavity of a typewriter]
[a monochrome picture of a kitten sleeping in the cavity of a typewriter]

Hello clanmates, and good night/evening/morning! Today I will be comparing my Oc’s to warrior cats, enjoy! Btw got this idea from one of our clanmates, forgot her username tho!

1: Skyler
My first Oc. She is a light pink she-cat with green and blue pach’s! Her pelt color is strange because she is from a story I am writing about cats with wings! It’s called Book One The Shadow Wings! But anyway I feel she would be like a mix between Alderheart and Leafpool! She is a little shy and quiet and she’s like Leafpool because she’s gentle but firm.

2: Rowanfang
Rawonfang is a ginger tabby tom and he’s pretty much just pure evil so… I guess he’s like any evil tom, maybe Darktail because he’s cruel and revengeful!

3: Dewdrop
Dewdrop is a white she-cat with silver tabby patches and blue eyes. She is from a tribe called the Ocentribe. She’s brave, strong, and clever. So she would probably be like Ivypool or Rosepetel because she is independent and clever!

4: Wavefur
Wavefur is a light gray manecoon and his mate is Dewdrop. He’s always goofing off and a little nervous so he’s kind of like Rootspring because he tries his hardest all the time and is very loving!

5: Nova
Nova is a black Tom with mahogany wings. He is also from Book One the shadow wings. But he’s not a skywing, he’s a shadow wing, the difference is that skywings are good and shadow wings are evil ( at least some are ) but the cat he is most like is probably Breezepelt but not the bad side, just the outcast side and moody.

6: Jay
Jay is a very light-cream tom with gray-brown points and very light blue eyes. ( btw he is named after his eyes ) I would say he’s most likely like Crowfeather but just like Nova he’s only one side of him, he’s probably the side that always falls in love and is lost and sad sometimes.

7: Jet
Is a pure black skywing. Not much to say about him but he would probably be like Lionblaze headstrong and loyal!

8: Berrypool
Is a light cream she-cat with a pink nose and a white muzzle and belly. She is very shy and quiet so she would probably be like Honeyfern.

9: The Shadow Queen
The Shadow Queen is an ebony she-cat with blue-green eyes and shiny wings.
( Nova’s mother ) she is cruel and wicked so she would probably be like Mapleshade and when she was a young she-cat she would be like Needletail.

20: Grim
Grim is a red-black tom who is very strong and large ( Nova’s brother )
He is cruel, powerful and manipulated so he would probably be like Hawkfrost.

Well that’s all, hope you enjoyed and would you all like a part two? And feel free to draw my Oc’s in the comments or just give your opinion or questions! 😄

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