[a simplistic full-body design of Sasha wearing a purple bow-collar and holding her tail high as she lies down]

Giving Warrior Names to Kittypets and Loners and Cats who Joined the Clans by Pinefur

Pinefur gives warrior names to characters who joined the Clans.

[a simplistic full-body design of Sasha wearing a purple bow-collar and holding her tail high as she lies down]
art by prickly-cat
[a simplistic full-body design of Sasha wearing a purple bow-collar and holding her tail high as she lies down]

Hi, it’s me, Pinefur. In this article, I will be giving warrior names for the cats who don’t have them. Cats like kittypets, loners, apprentices, and kits who died before getting to be warriors will be in this article. Cats who joined the clan but didn’t get warrior names will also be getting names in this article. (This will not include any of the sisters.) So let’s start.

Cats who joined the clans:

Brook: Brook is Stromfurs mate, she is part of the tribe of rushing water. She joined the clans for a little bit when Stoneteller kicked them out. She did not want a warrior name for she still loved her tribe. Brooks’ warrior name will be Brookfish. Hosetly, I can’t think of anything better. See, her name is Brook where small fish swim. So, yeah, Brookfish, it’s not the best name. In fact, I hate it. Tell me if you have a name suggestion for her.

Millie: Millie is a light grey tabby she-cat, she used to be a kittypet and she became mates with Graystripe when he was captured by Twolegs. She joined the clans but, like Brook, did not want her name changed. Millie’s warrior name can be… Mistpool. I always did love the relationship between mistystar and greypool, and, although I know Millie has nothing to do with them, I like it.

Daisy: Daisy is a cream-coloured cat who joined the clans when she wanted to get her kits away from the twolegs because they will make her kits leave her. So she decided to leave. She came across Thunderclan and they welcomed her into their clan. Her name? Creampelt Or if she wants to keep her name as Daisy. She can have her warrior name as Daisyflower or Daisypetal. You decide. Personally, I like Daisyflower the best.


Princess: Princess is Firestar’s sister for he was a kittypet. Princess wanted her kit, Cloudtail, Cloudkit at the time, to join the clans. Firestar brought him to the Thunderclan where he became Cloudtail. Her warrior name is Nut… (yes, she is named after her mother, Nutmeg) Nutheart. (yes, she is named after her brother, Fireheart/star).

Cody: Cody joined the clan temporarily when Leafpool became friends with her when they were trapped in a small twoleg nest with cages. When they escaped Cody stayed a bit with the clans. I’m calling her Dawnleaf because I think dawn kind of fits her, and leaf because her best friend in the clan was Leafpool.

Smudge: Smudge is a black and white cat who was Firestar’s friend when Firestar was a kittypet. His warrior name would be Tinyfall.


Barley: Barley is a black and white-coloured tom, he lives with Ravenpaw at the farm. He used to be a cat of Bloodclan but he left. If Barley were to join the clans, his warriors would be Badgerstripe.

Ravenpaw: Ravenpaw used to be a Thunderclan apprentice but he left fearing what Tigerstar (Tigerclaw at the time) would do to him since he knew that Tigerstar killed Redtail. Erin Hunter says his name would be Ravenwing, but I want to give him another name. His warrior name is Ravenfeather. (Yes, a lot like Crowfeather, I know)

Sasha: Sasha is Hawkfrost and Mothwing’s mother, she joined the clans for a bit but went back to being a rogue. Her name will be Fawnpelt. Her pelt is the fawn colour, this is why I named her Fawnpelt.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ll get to today. Let me know if you want to see a part two with kits and apprentices. If you disagree with any of the names, let me know, and maybe even tell me your own thoughts.
Pinefur, out.

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