Calling All Helpers!

A new chapter in BlogClan history is about to begin!

Let me skip the preamble this time and get right into it: BlogTeam is expanding in a whole new way!

“Is this cubicle empty? No? Oops…”

For (maybe) the first time ever in BlogClan’s history, BlogTeam is changing how it works. For the past decade, BlogClan has changed in large ways: fan articles, gatherings, NTA, elections, and we’ve even hopped sites! Every part of the way, BlogTeam has been looking to make BlogClan exciting and fun for everyone to come and chat on! That’s probably one of the few ways BlogClan hasn’t changed 😛

We really want to do as many fun things as possible to the best quality that we can manage, but lately, we’ve realized that we can’t quite do all that we want alone anymore. Being a full mod is a big commitment and it may not be the best fit for every person, so adding more full mods isn’t always going to be the solution whenever we find ourselves shorthanded. That’s where the big change comes in. Introducing…

BlogTeam Helpers!

What are BlogTeam Helpers? To put it simply, BlogTeam Helpers are temporary assistants to moderators. They help moderators perform tasks in one area of the blog to help ensure that this area is running smoothly, on time, and in high quality! For regular positions, applications will open more frequently and on a regular schedule!

To be clear, Helpers are not moderators. They will not be given the full range of moderator powers and hold no power over other BlogClanners. They will not be involved in the general duties of the moderators and will not receive the full moderator training. They will only receive training and/or instruction on the task they applied for, and only be required to do the task they applied for.

Okay, that’s all the required information that you need to know. If you want to skip our explanation of why we’re introducing BlogTeam Helpers, scroll down to the next header (“Birthdays and Clanniversaries – Help Wanted!”) to find out what applications are open. Don’t feel bad, I know I get wordy and sometimes we just want to skip my exposition and get to the good stuff. I don’t blame you 😛

“I’m totally helping! This is my helping chair!”

For those sticking around for my explanation, I know it may seem like a bit of a bummer that we’re not opening moderator applications. After a long discussion amongst ourselves, BlogTeam agreed that simply adding new mods wasn’t going to fix the problem that we have, which is that we simply don’t have enough time between our personal lives and the core moderator duties to be down on the ground and doing things directly for BlogClanners. We need help, but being a moderator on the blog is a big emotional commitment and takes a huge chunk of people’s time. It’s too big to ask so many people to volunteer themselves in that way, even when so many of you want to give back to this loving community in any way that you can.

That’s how we arrived at the idea of the BlogTeam Helpers 🙂 They’re a step in between a regular BlogClanner and a moderator, where they’re given more responsibility but not quite enough to bog them down in unpleasant ways. They don’t need the full mod training, so they can get started on their duties faster and with a lighter mind. And, better yet, they’re only temporary and applications will happen more frequently and on a regular schedule, so if someone needs to resign when the next application round starts because life got too busy, it’s a lot easier to fill that spot than if a moderator has to step down.

So, with that out of the way, what are the Helper positions available this time?

Birthdays and Clanniversaries – Help Wanted!

“My favourite calendar is a cadvent calendar.”

Seeing your own birthday or clanniversary getting spotlighted in a post is a great feeling that we’ve all felt at some point or are eagerly awaiting our chance to experience it! I’m sure I don’t have to go into detail about the irregularity of the calendars over the past few years, but birthdays and clanniversaries are beautiful, important moments of our time on the blog. So, in hopes of turning that irregularity into, well, regularity, we’re opening applications for Birthday Helpers and Clanniversary Helpers!

We are looking for 3 Birthday Helpers and 3 Clanniversary Helpers (6 in total). Birthday Helpers and Clanniversary Helpers will be kept on for 6 months, after which they can choose to stay on for the upcoming cycle or step down; we’ll open applications again to fill any vacant spots. We have four requirements that applicants must fulfill in order to be considered for the position:

  1. To apply to be a Helper, you must be 13 or older.
  2. You must be able to chat with BlogTeam over Discord.
  3. You must have an email that you can receive regular Blog-related emails to.
  4. We ask that you only apply if you have been on the blog for at least two months.

Applications will be open from today (April 7) to April 15. The form will close at the end of the day on April 15 in EST (UTC-5). The chosen applicants will be emailed by April 18. The new Birthday and Clanniversary Helpers are estimated to be announced by the end of April, but this is subject to change.

The keen-eyed among you will notice that these requirements aren’t as strict as the requirements during mod applications. This is because helpers won’t be full mods, so we’ve lowered the barrier of entry in hopes of making things more accessible to everyone!

Applications are closed!

“I have a question! …Do you remember what I was going to ask? I forgot…”


I know what one of the big questions is going to be: Will there be more positions available? The answer is yes, in the future! We’re going to be focusing on birthdays and clanniversaries this go-around, but we’ve got ideas churning for future events that people can get involved with as Helpers. They won’t be announced anytime soon because we still have to hammer out the details on those and we want to devote our time to this round but rest assured that this won’t be the only opportunity to give back to the blog!

To get some other questions about applications out of the way:

  • “Can I apply for both positions?”
    Yes, but you will only be accepted for one position if you are accepted.
  • “I’m turning 13 before applications close. Can I apply?”
    Yes, you may apply as long as you meet the other three requirements as well!
  • “Why do we have to be 13 or older?”
    Even though helpers aren’t moderators, we still would like some maturity and responsibility to be shown in the role. In addition to that, Discord requires users to be 13 or older to make an account.
  • “I don’t have or can’t get Discord. Can I apply?”
    Unfortunately, no. Discord is the main method that BlogTeam uses to communicate with each other and with our future Helpers.
  • “Do I have to be on the blog for at least two months?”
    Yes. This is because we think that if you’ve been on the blog for two months, then it shows that you like the community and want to take part in it 🙂
  • “How can I tell if I’ve been on the blog for at least two months?”
    If you’ve commented both last month and this month, then you’ve been on the blog for at least two months!
  • “I don’t know if my email can receive emails from the blog. How can I check?”
    You can ask me (Emberdawn) to send you an email. This is because all emails from the blog are sent using my blog email, so if you can receive emails from me, you’re all good!
  • “I don’t have a blog email. Is that okay?”
    Yes! Your application form will only be seen by the moderators and not be shared with anyone, not even your fellow helpers. When you receive emails from the blog that are also sent to your fellow helpers, your email will be hidden. For more details, you can read up on the BCC recipient field in emails. Yeah, that actually means something 😛
  • “Will I be able to mod comments? Will I be seeing people’s emails?”
    No. You will be able to see comments, but you won’t be able to approve or delete any comments. You won’t be able to see the personal information used when making a comment (like someone’s email), just the link they have in their name!
  • “Will my comments be automatically modded?”
    No. You still have to wait for your comments to be approved by a moderator. And no, your comments won’t be given priority 😛
  • “I can’t apply this time. When will be the next time applications open?”
    If all goes well, we plan to open applications for the next batch of Birthday Helpers and Clanniversary Helpers in about 6 months, so keep an eye out for a similar post sometime around October!
  • “If I’m accepted for this cycle (May-October), but then I step down for the cycle after that (November-April), can I apply again in the third cycle (May-October in the following year)?”
    Yes, of course! Being a specific Helper isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; you can be selected again in the future if you decide to apply again!

If you have any other questions that aren’t already answered, feel free to ask us in the comments or in private!

“That was a lot… I’m just going to take a nap…”

Wrapping Up

Now, this is the first time we’ve ever done this 😅 There are bound to be hiccups as we try adding and working with BlogTeam Helpers for the first time. This won’t be a perfect run, but we hope you’ll be patient with us as we work out the kinks and improve things as time goes by.

This new chapter of our history opens the door for everyone to give back to the community in new ways. Thank you, as always, for being you and contributing to this wonderful community we call BlogClan. We hope to see plenty of old and new faces in the application forms!

With love,

Embers of a Spring Dawn (Emberdawn)

Writer, photographer, moderator