[Hawkwing and Pebbleshine lie side by side, affectionate with each other]

Warrior cat ships part two by Zealpelt

Zealpelt rates more ships from the series.

[Hawkwing and Pebbleshine lie side by side, affectionate with each other]
Art by Nova-Shadow26
[Hawkwing and Pebbleshine lie side by side, affectionate with each other]

Good day everyone! My name is Zealpelt and today I will be finishing up an article that was called Warrior Cat Ships Part 1 by Zealpelt. If you did not read the first part I advise you to read it, but anyway, let’s dive right into this!

1: StormXbrook
This ship is very cute! They were just normal cats and they fell in love! So I would rate this ship 10/10!

2: HawkXpebble
This ship was a little like FireXsand because at first, they were enemies but then they became friends then mates! Their ship was a little sad tho πŸ™ because she got left behind and so did their kits 😭I rate this ship 10/10 ( Btw read HawkWings journey if you have not! )

3: PoppyXberry
This ship was a little weird! After his mate ( Honeyfern ) died he just went off with another she-cat. It would be a little more normal if it was a different cat but he went after her sister! ( weird ) that’s like if when Squilf kind of dumped Brambleclaw(star)
he went after Leafpool! ( if she was not a med cat ) I know Honeyfern said it was ok but still, that’s weird bro! 5/10

4: WhiteXbirch
This ship is nice because like StormXBrook and BrackenXSorrel it’s just two normal cats who fall in love. And they gave us two amazing cats ( Ivypool and Dovewing )

I just think Cloudtail is cute in this ship because he helped her through a lot! And they fell in love and it was so cute! 10/10

6: HollyXfallen
I never really know about this one. Were they really mates or not? I know he helped here but it was never really a ship. 7/10

7: IvyXfern
This ship is just so random I never saw it coming! And there are like 3 cousins or something? Plus Fern kind of just took care of the kits! But it was still cute! 9/10

8: AppleXreed
I am not really a huge fan of Mapleshade but I don’t mind her. Just Appledusk was a little weird and cheated on her when they were both married ( mates ) and had kids together! And then he just goes off with Reedshine, that’s just a little strange. Plus Reedshine just rubbed it in Mapleshade’s face that she and Apple were mates, that’s just rude and aggressive! 2/10

9: SnowXThistle
This was the weirdest ship ever!!!!!!! How could a sweet loyal she-cat fall in love with an evil villain? 6/10

10: CrookedXwillow
This one was really cute!!!! I feel like she was the only one who loved him besides Oak and Shell. After his jaw and Rainflower hating him he deserved a loyal mate. ( cried when she died tho! )

Well, that’s all, hope you enjoyed it! And please leave a comment if you like! Zealpelt out πŸ™‚

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