[Adele in casual wear smiles brightly at the camera]

Giving Famous People Warrior Names (PART TWO) by Sleepychaos

Sleepychaos gives warrior names to more famous people.

[Adele in casual wear smiles brightly at the camera]
Photograph from Vogue Taiwan
[Adele in casual wear smiles brightly at the camera]

*TV show host voice*

Hello fellow blogclanners! Welcome back to “Giving Famous People Warrior Names, Part Two!”

For our first celebrity, we have… Adele! The English singer for her beautiful voice and her tender and misty-eyed songwriting. Her music gives off a nostalgic vibe, like her top song, ‘Hello’. She deserves a warrior name that can mirror her music and voice. Perhaps something with Dove-, Feather-, Rain-, Wish-, or maybe even Flare-. As a tribute to her song, ‘Set Fire to the Rain’, Rainflame, Firedrizzle, or Flamestorm might work. But for her nostalgic style and persona, Wishfeather or Dovestorm feels fitting. Wishfeather could be fitting, Wish- being a pointer to the nostalgic side, and -feather for the naive side. Dovestorm would be fitting, too. Dove- would show the gracefulness and beauty of Adele’s singing, and -storm for the strength and passion in her voice. Or perhaps a combo of the two names… Wishstorm? Let me know which one you prefer.

Alec Benjamin is next! The American pop singer’s songwriting varies from nostalgia-filled heartbreak ballads which can sometimes be overly honest, like his pop hit ‘Let Me Down Slowly’ or ‘Match in the Rain’, to edgy and highly strung lyrics paired with a quick beat, a great example being ‘Boy in the Bubble’ or ‘I Sent My Therapist to Therapy’. As you can see, his music ranges from heart-broken, plain sad, tragic, sweet, hopeful, moody, edgy, borderline pessimistic, all very human emotions and feelings. Some prefixes I had in mind for the Phoenix artist were Apple-, Dew-, Creek-, Finch-, and Hope-. I find Applefinch quite fitting, Apple- a reflection of the (bitter)sweet and sour in Benjamin’s music, and -finch being a contrasting persona, a finch being a cute and innocent-looking bird yet smart and sarcastic. Another option could be Wishriver, Wish- calling for Alec’s sweet, naive, hopeful, and loving side, while a river could mean calm and centered, can also be swift, menacing, pessimistic, and gloomy during a storm. What name do you prefer?

Next, we’ve got Dream! Dream–or Dreamwastaken–is a popular, once-faceless YouTuber known for his speed running in also popular video-game, Minecraft. He plays other games, too, being a famous streamer particularly known for his Minecraft server, The Dream SMP. He is also a music artist who frequently collaborates with rappers, having a few singles like ‘Roadtrip’ on music streaming platforms, and he released his first album a couple months ago–‘to anyone who wants to hear’. He has an almost cocky and bold personality, and his music has positive vibes which reflects those in his streams and music video. While he has an evil persona in the Dream SMP, if I gave him a name which fits with that, it would be like giving an actor a name because of the personality of a character he played. However, something that should definitely be taken into consideration when giving the American YouTuber a warrior cat name is his relation to the color green. His name should definitely have a reference to the white-smiley-mask he is usually depicted with and his usage of vivid green as his trademark. Perhaps a prefix like Green-, Sunny-, or even Dream-. Hmmm… Sunnyleaf? Sunny for his friendly smile, and leaf for the usage of green? No, too basic for a complex person like him. Sunnyclover? That sounds cute, friendly, like his online title, Dream. What about Whitemask? Sounds right if Dream had a purrsona. Cloverspark sounds just as friendly as Sunnyclover, but with a bold kick to it. I think Cloverspark sounds right. What about you?

Zendaya is our final celebrity. She’s a singer, model, dancer, and actress. The Californian played Michelle Jones-Watson in the MCU’s Spiderman movies. Off screen, she’s known to be bold, brave, and a well-known feminist figure in the industry, comparable to the likes of Taylor Swift. Some prefixes I think would reflect these traits may be Blossom-, Song-/-song, Flame-, Heather-, and Holly-. Let’s start by filtering out the names I have in mind. Blossom- feels very basic, and Song-/-song doesn’t capture her personality as a whole. Flame- sounds spicy, bold, and determined, so we’ll keep that. Holly- sounds dull compared to Heather-. So we have Heather- and Flame- left. Suffixes I think fit the Hollywood star include -frost, -flame, -spark, and -breeze. However, -breeze sounds too calm and soft. Zendaya deserves a bold and determined sounding name. -spark sounds very small and something that doesn’t last long, but still has the ability to start something greater. Nevertheless, it doesn’t exactly play its role to capture Zendaya’s traits. -flame and -frost sound bold, determined, strong, yet still show beauty. Heatherfrost is a name I find fitting for Zendaya, as Heatherflame or Flamefrost sound too over the top. Heather- reflects Zendaya’s independence, boldness, and beauty, and -frost highlights her smarts, wits, and determination. Heatherfrost it is!

Well, that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this article. We gave four famous people warriors names: Adele, Alec Benjamin, Dream, and Zendaya. Hopefully in the future, there will be a part 3! Let me know who else I should give a warrior name. Thanks for reading watching, and we’ll see you next time on Giving Famous People Warrior Names, Part Three!

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