Happy birthday, Flakepatch and Meadowheart!

What is this? Another set of birthday twins??

Everyone join me in wishing a (slightly belated, their actual birthday was April 9) birthday to the wonderful Flakepatch and Meadowheart! Did you do anything fun? Any exciting presents that you want to tell us about? 😀

Here’s a lovely birthday cake that reminds me of Flakepatch’s name, because it has different patches of color on the frosting:

heart shaped cake with splotches of white, lavender, and blue frosting, and says “Happy Birthday” in white on top

And for Meadowheart, we have a super cute flower-y looking cake that reminds me of a spring meadow!

spring green cake with small yellow and white flowers, reads “happy birthday” in script on top

I hope you both had a fantastic birthday!! 🎊

moonbreeze (she/her) 🌙🪼 | the (very busy) nta mod!!


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