Happy birthday, Hollypaw!

Ah-ha! I have made a post on time! Let’s all wish a very, very happy birthday to the lovely Hollypaw! 😀

What are you planning on doing today to celebrate? Any birthday wishes so far?

The fantastic Cloudpaw/song has a gift for you:

“Happy B-day Holz!
here’s a gift for you! –

“If a boat were to sink
below my hand’s reach
I’d still try to reach,
because I know,
that this very boat,
is very special, turning against the tides,
and if it were to be lost,
I know we’d all be lost,
this special boat is you””

And here’s an absolutely adorable set of cupcakes that I think you might like:

dozen cat cupcakes with white, pink, or gray frosting, and a frosted cat face (eyes, nose, whiskers, ears) on top

Which one is your favorite? Personally, I’d have to go with the white one – I think the black and white color combo is just so classy! But I’m sure they’re all equally delicious 😛

We all wish you a very happy birthday, Hollypaw! 😀

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