Who’s Innocent and Who’s Guilty by Lionpaw and Oakpaw

Lionpaw and Oakpaw share their thoughts on some characters from the series and which afterlife they should’ve gone to.

Official cover art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi, Lionpaw and Oakpaw here with our first article together! *cheesy cartoon wink


Today, me and the astounding Oakpaw will be discussing StarClan’s decisions over Mapleshade, Frecklewish (ThunderClan), Ravenwing, Appledusk, Ashfur (ThunderClan), and whether they should have gone to the DF or StarClan. We’re probably forgetting more cases like these, so comment if anyone comes up!

Case 1.) Frecklewish

[LIONPAW]: I think she deserved, but also, DIDN’T deserve the Dark Forest. On one hand, I know she thought they’d (the kits) be saved, but also, she broke the code (not saying anyone ever didn’t) by watching them (the kits) drown and doing nothing. She did this just because she was angry at Mapleshade. BUT, Maple didn’t say ANYTHING when Frecklewish asked if these were Birchface’s kits. Because of that, I blame Frecklewish that Mapleshade was banished.

Lionpaw’s Decision = GUILTY

[OAKPAW]: I think that she did not deserve it, but I don’t think she should’ve gone to Starclan. It’s true, she broke the warrior code, but she also didn’t have any bad intentions. Even if she had tried to save the kits, what would she have done? She wasn’t in Riverclan, so she couldn’t just swim over into the river and save the kits. She probably would’ve drowned too. And true, she was really mad at Mapleshade, but wouldn’t you be angry if someone who you thought was your friend had pretended to have had children with your dead brother? She had thought her Birchface’s legacy was going to live on with Mapleshade’s kits. Mapleshade might not have said anything, but she didn’t deny it either. Therefore, I think that it was Mapleshade’s own fault that she was banished. Not Freckle.

Oakpaw’s Decision = INNOCENT

FINAL RESULT: TIE (Comment your opinions and points to further the discussion!)

Case 2.) Appledusk

[OAKPAW]: I hate this guy. He literally sucks. He cheated on his cat wife. Kinda? He ‘accidentally’ made a cat fall off a cliff. Into a river. And one of the apprentices in Thunderclan jumped into the river, off the cliff, because she thought she could save the guy who fell into the river, And they both drowned. My logic is that if Frecklewish went to the DF, then Appledusk should’ve at least joined her. He rejected his ex-wife, Mapleshade, when she tried to come to see if she could seek shelter in Riverclan. And then, to rub it in Maple’s face, he got kits with Reedshine. Some people (Lionkit) say that he went to Starclan because he got murdered by Mapleshade, but that means that Frecklewish should’ve gone to Starclan too. Haha Lionkit.

Oakpaw’s Decision: GUILTY

[LIONPAW]: HEY! I WAS JOKING OAKKIT! I KNOW THAT’S NOT THE REASON. (We’re taking turns writing this on a Google Doc lol) Aaah yes, one of the cats Mapleshade killed. (Frecklewish too, but I was too lazy to write that hehe) I have mixed feelings about this guy. I think he does belong in StarClan, because he decided to switch loyalties from Maple to Reedshine, because he realized he was a very bad boi. BUT, when Maple is executing her murder attempt on Appledusk, she sees him with Reedshine, he says something like “Don’t endanger our kits or blahblahblah blahblahblah blahblahblah”. So, the question is, how long did he lie to poor Mapleshade? Because cats are pregnant for 9 weeks, how long did he cheat on Maple for Reedshine *blegh*?! So, for this, and Oakkit’s points up there, I would send him to the DF. BUT, he did try to atone his ways by becoming Reedshine’s mate and pretty much disowning his first litter of kits. In this way, it’s harder to decide where to put him, so idk, I guess I’ll agree with “wise” StarClan. (BUT I still hate him)

Lionpaw’s Decision: INNOCENT

FINAL RESULT: TIE (Comments, comments, comments!)

Case 3.) Mapleshade

[LIONPAW]: Sorry to disappoint like half of you people reading this, but I am a Mapleshade symp (sympathizer not the weird meaning)!!! I mean, wouldn’t you feel terrible if you lost all three of your kits in a river, while your Clanmate watched, doing nothing? For the record, I blame Ravenwing. WAIT. *gonna go off track here gimme a sec* IS RAVENPAW A REINCARNATION OF RAVENWING??? BC ONE OF THE ERINS SAID IF RAVENPAW GOT A WARRIOR NAME, IT WOULD BE RAVENWING *le gasp* CINDERPELT MOMENT OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *anyways* I do understand why Mapleshade went to the DF, but it doesn’t stop me from supporting Maple. I find her innocent. (I know she went psycho, BUT STILL).

Lionpaw’s Decision: INNOCENT

[OAKPAW]: Ok, so Mapleshade was mean even before her kits died. When you first meet her in Mapleshade’s Vengeance, she’s saying how dumb everyone else at the gathering is. Then, she wasn’t truthful to Frecklewish about her kits not being Birchface’s. Then, when her cat children do actually die, she goes nutz and starts murdering literally everyone who she doesn’t like. Ravenwing because he did his job and gave his leader a prophecy, Frecklewish because she saw the kits, and tried to kill Reedshine for loving her Maple’s ex, but accidentally ended up killing her ex, Appledusk, instead. This is a pretty obvious decision, Lionkit.

Oakpaw’s Decision: GUILTY

[Added comment later by Lionpaw]: She planned to murder Appledusk, but upon seeing Reedshine, she attacked both. If you think this comment is not supporting my claim, re-read my part of the article #Maple100%

Case 4.) Ashfur

[LIONPAW]: Pretty sure this is the only one me and Oakkit will agree on, hands- ahem- PAWS-down GUILTY. *Bangs imaginary gavel even tho cats cant do dat* Yeah, first, BEFORE PO3 EVEN HAPPENED, (This is my fan theory bc why not) HE WAS A WARRIOR OF SHADOWCLAN *ahem throat is broken and dead*, GHOSTED THE ALLEGIANCES PAGE, and if y’all haven’t noticed yet, he dies around the time Ashkit is born in ThunderClan BOOM CINDERPELT MOMENT ONCE AGAIN. After he went crazy (like me), he tries to make crispy Wendy’s nuggies out of Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze. Then, he steals Bramblestar’s body to get back to Squirrelflight, is an Amoge Us impasta while drowning and attacking multiple cats, and somehow still ends up in StarClan. This is also a reason I support the StarClan is Stupid Theory.

Lionpaw’s Decision: GUILTY

[OAKPAW]: Oh, this shouldn’t be up for debate. Ashfur tried to burn Squilf’s kits, and then he came back as a Starclan ghost, possessed Bramblestar and gave him PTSD, murdered multiple cats, all to get back at Squirrelflight because she wouldn’t cat marry him. He is absolutely evil. The only reason Ashfur got into Starclan was because Starclan *Yellowfang it was all Yellowfang* believed that Ashfur’s only fault was, quote: “ Loving too much.” Imagine you didn’t like someone who had a crush on you, and they started stabbing all your children. That is ABSOLUTELY NOT “ loving too much.” That is, being too much of a psycho.

Oakpaw’s Decision: GUILTY


That’s all for today! TYSM! #WeLoveWarriorCats

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