[Briarlight lies in the medicine cat den with Jayfeather by her side, the latter with his tail curling over her back]

Ship or Sink? by Moonpaw

Moonpaw rates several ships from the series.

[Briarlight lies in the medicine cat den with Jayfeather by her side, the latter with his tail curling over her back]
Art by Hoverpelt
[Briarlight lies in the medicine cat den with Jayfeather by her side, the latter with his tail curling over her back]

Hello and welcome! This is my first article, so I hope you enjoy it. For today, I’ll be doing a Ship or Sink? Basically, I look through a list of ships and say if I like them (ship) or don’t (sink). Please give your opinions in the comments.

(by the way, all of these ships were random, and I’ve only read Sky)


Okay, so… Sink! I know some of you may disagree with this, and I think it’s definitely better than BerryXPoppy, but… I just don’t think they would have cut it. Like, I know Berrynose was really devastated when Honeyfern died, and Honeypaw was crushing really hard on Berrypaw (and Berrynose), and it’s not like I think that super random thing Hollyleaf thought about LionXHoney is better. And I also don’t think that Honeyfern “deserved more”, but I just think Honeyfern kind of just had a massive crush on him. Maybe if she had survived, she would have realised that Berrynose wasn’t really her type.

Overall, I think they aren’t bad, I just don’t really ship them.


SHIP! I really think that these two are so cute together. Like when Jayfeather (as Jay’s Wing) curls up next to Half Moon, he mentions that the only cat he’d ever been that close to was Briarlight, there are loads of small references that may or may not mean anything concerning this ship. So cute! 😊


Ship. I mean, they are kind of boring. There’s no real development until they become mates, but they’re still okay. Not much more to say about these two.


SHIP! I love this ship with all my heart. They are so good together! I love how much Crookedjaw cares for Willowbreeze, even after Mapleshade tells him he must not care for anyone. I was so sad when Willowbreeze died. And Willowpaw and Crookedpaw are awesome too!


Sink. I have reasons for this. Well, only two. One, Violet Dawn is only introduced in the sixth book of DotC, so it feels a bit rushed, and two, it’s a bit rushed. Suddenly, Thunder’s like “Hey, she’s cute! Maybe she can be my mate!”

And Violet Dawn suddenly says

“Hey! I love you! You are going to be the father of my kits!”

So…. yeah.


SINK! I’m sorry, but I really don’t like this ship. Tree kind of just appears randomly in the book and doesn’t really “help fend off the storm”, like it says he will, and is basically there to be Violetshine’s mate. One day, Violetshine is thinking

“Ew! Who is this guy? He’s horrible!

And the next day

“I love this guy so much; do you think he’d be my mate?


Ship. I like this ship, for pretty much the only reason that it’s not bad, in my opinion. There’s nothing particularly special about BristleXRoot, but now that we’re seeing how similar Sunbeam and Bristlefrost are, it feels like the story is just being reused a little. I think that there are some parts of their story which are nicer, like how Bristlefrost slowly warms up to Rootspring, but it’s not the best ship in the world, that’s for sure.


Sink. Okay. I really think this is random. We get virtually no introduction to how Frostpaw has felt previously for Splashtail, then we are catapulted into Frostpaw thinking that Splashtail is standing awfully close to her. And then that if she became a warrior, Splashtail would be her mate. But my problem with this ship is that I just don’t think it’s going to go anywhere. What’s probably going to happen is that SplashXFrost will never be mentioned again.


Ship. This might actually be my all-time favourite ship! I love how Cloudpaw is so supportive for Bright/Lostpaw after the dog attack. And that quote! “You’ll always be beautiful to me.”

And they’ve been togther for so long! (let’s just skip over the whole CloudXDaisy thing) With four kits! There’s everything to like about CloudXBright.


Okay I had to do this because I am one of those people who likes rhyming names. But actually… Sink! The only reason I like this is the rhyme, and the only reason I don’t is we don’t see that much of Larksong in the books.

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