[a realistic full-body design of Onestar]

Why Onestar was a BAD leader by Sunnyfawn

Sunnyfawn shares their thoughts on Onestar as a leader.

[a realistic full-body design of Onestar]
Artwork by Evi1Wo1f
[a realistic full-body design of Onestar]

This is just an opinion, so please don’t feel offended.

After reading Onestar’s death, yeah, I felt like ‘Finally, okay, now he’s gone!’ He was the reason I didn’t like Windclan. I’m not the only one who thinks this, as you can see what I found on The Villains Wiki: “As Onestar, he is cold, uncaring, and overly critical of the other Clans, including and especially to Firestar, much to the ginger tom’s initial confusion. After Darktail and his Kin come to try and take over the Clans, more of Onestar’s selfishness is further revealed, now on a more personal level.” Another example of his annoyance is when he refused to lend the Lungwort to Shadowclan. He had plenty, and cats were dying. Then, he tried to impress a ton of kittypets and mated with Smoke, but he refused to take their son, Darktail, into the clans. He was taught to hate the clans, and then he came for revenge, wiping out many cats from every clan. If he thought bringing in a half kittypet to Windclan was ‘disloyal’ why did he mate with Smoke? Is it just me or Smoke reminds me of Storm from Dawn Of The Clans. They both mated, then their mates left them leaving them with one kit who kinda turns against their father for leaving them? And then he also believes Darktail he would become a Dark Forest cat if he killed kin. He faced up to his past mistakes and he gave his last life to destroy Darktail, his own son. During a fight with Darktail and his Kin, Onestar loses a life. He blames ShadowClan for allowing Darktail to settle by the lake and refuses to help them when they are in desperate need of medicine. (mentioned above) and, he finally believes the leaders and sacrifices his 9th life bravely, like Firestar and Bluestar did. (And Shadowstar’s death was brave too)
Also, he’s a bit ungrateful for Fireheart(star) and Graystripe saving him. Since later, he turns against them.

If you have any other points, or want to debate, comment below but remember to be kind and I will try to be quick to reply if there are any mistakes in this article. Thanks!


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