[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

Analyzing StarClan’s Problems and Providing Solutions To Fix Them by Anonymous

An anonymous BlogClanner points out StarClan’s flaws and offers solutions for them.

[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

I think one thing that this fandom can agree on as a whole is that StarClan is a very flawed, inconsistent, and confusing aspect of the books. They seem to have no clear system for judging cats, have actually lied to the living Clans, tend to lean towards favoritism, and overall give out prophecies and signs whenever it is convenient to make the story more interesting. The problem is that they are, in fact, a plot device.
I find this to be a shame, because StarClan is such an important part of the books. In the first arc they are mysterious and wise, but over time they just become annoying, inconsistent, dead cats. I believe the reason for this is that when first writing Warriors, the authors didn’t expect the books to go on for as long as they have, and hence did not put enough thought into their afterlife aspect. StarClan’s capabilities and powers were not clearly defined beforehand.
It’s a bit late to save canon StarClan now, but for those of us who enjoy writing fanfiction and AUs, perhaps we can depict them in a way that does them justice.

Deciding Where Cats Go When They Die
I think the biggest complaint about StarClan is that they accept cats like Ashfur and Mudclaw, but deny cats like Juniperclaw and (almost) Leafpool.
I do understand how this can be tricky to write, though, especially morally. By sending a cat who did bad things to StarClan, are you being forgiving or are you justifying their behavior? It can get tricky. So here’s a rule that I think should be used.
StarClan cats should have the power of discernment, which means they can tell the true intentions of a cat. They can tell if the cat is truly remorseful or if they regret nothing. They can tell if the cat thought they were doing the right thing, or if they did everything with awareness that it was evil. They can sense if bitterness and the desire for revenge still linger, or the cat simply wants to rest in the afterlife. Mudclaw and Juniperclaw are both characters that would pass this, whereas Ashfur who was clearly still bitter, vengeful, and unremorseful, would be sent to the Dark Forest.
So by giving StarClan the power of discernment, we have solved the issue of where cats go when they die. Anyone who passes this, even if they did bad before, is forgiven, and anyone who doesn’t, is sent to the Dark Forest for the safety of the Clans.

Another complaint is that StarClan gives prophecies, but characters only realize the meaning when the prophecy has come to pass. Seems pointless, right? Well, that is kind of the point of a prophecy — the meaning isn’t meant to be clear until it has happened. Really, the biggest problem is that StarClan wants the cats to figure out the meaning — but that’s not what the prophecies are even for! They are using them entirely wrong!
This is a pretty easy fix. The prophecies are not sent to help the cats prevent terrible things — they are sent to prepare them. Or to give them hope. Or just to prove that StarClan is still there, still watching over them. The Clans’ survival should not rely on them solving the prophecy — rather, the Clans’ resilience and trust in StarClan should be strengthened by prophecies.

So we kind of already went over prophecies, but by interference, I mean how StarClan only interferes sometimes. Like when they sent Firestar to save SkyClan, but didn’t interfere when the Clan was driven out in the first place. Their interference is very inconsistent.
Personally, I think the only kind of interference that should be provided by StarClan is visions, signs, and prophecies. This gives them more of the air of mystery that we were used to from the first arc. That being said, the cats don’t have to listen to them. By making this the canon reason that SkyClan was driven out, it would make much more sense because StarClan did want them to stay, the Clans just ignored them. The same can go for sending cats to rebuild SkyClan — they tried before, with different cats from different Clans, but Firestar was the only one who listened.
So what would motivate Clans to listen to StarClan in the first place? Have StarClan give them options. For example, let SkyClan stay and we will provide enough prey for all five Clans within their boundaries, or drive out SkyClan and this leaf-bare will be the hardest ever experienced. Obviously the first option is the best for everyone, and the only reason the Clans wouldn’t have chosen it would be due to doubt, worry, or fear (see, it even makes the characters more realistic!)

Overall, I think doing all of what I said above will ultimately eliminate favoritism in StarClan.

These aren’t necessarily problems with StarClan, but these are other things that will just make them better.
– Naming dead kits/apprentices: need I elaborate? It’s so sad how kits and apprentices don’t get their warrior names. Also, I think they should be allowed to choose their age, so they don’t have to be running around in a kit body forever if they don’t want to. By extension, allowing cats who had cruel names in life to change their names should be allowed.
– Fading: let’s just get rid of fading altogether and let StarClan cats live out their afterlives in peace.
– Healing: so obviously cats like Cinderpelt and Briarlight were healed, but other ones like Runningnose or Crookedstar aren’t? Seems kind of inconsistent — at least give the cat a choice.
– Medicine cats: I don’t actually know if this is already allowed, but if it’s not medicine cats should be allowed to take mates in StarClan.

It is a bit late to implement these into the canon arcs, but hopefully the StarClan of your fanfictions and AUs can be better! At the very least, offering solutions to StarClan might have hopefully soothed someone’s frustrations. Did these solutions make sense? Do you agree/disagree with any?
Thanks for reading this, and please leave me tips for how I can improve!
Anon, out!

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