Official book covers designed by Gail Doobinin for the Twilight novels

Giving characters from Twilight Warrior names/purrsonas! by Skypaw

Skypaw gives warrior names to characters from the Twilight series written by Stephanie Meyer.

Official book covers designed by Gail Doobinin for the Twilight novels
Official book covers designed by Gail Doobinin for the Twilight novels

(Content warning: the Twilight books contain some mature content, like mentions of nudity, gore, childbirth, and implied sexual content)

Hi everyone! Shimmz here, and today I’ll be giving characters from Twilight warrior names and purrsonas! I finished Breaking Dawn recently, so I kind of want to do this. Anyway, let’s quit rambling and get on with the article!

First up is Bella Swan, the girl who does absolutely nothing, of course! I feel like her name would be Swanspirit, because of her last name and all the Edward rant about “protecting her soul” and blablabla. Bella’s purrsona would be a dark brown mackerel tabby and white she-cat with dark amber eyes! (No, I did not mean to make her look like Bramblestar, I’m so sorry, Bella fans)

Second is (obviously) Edward Cullen! I think his name would be Bloodsucker- I mean Topazcloud, because of his eyes, the fact that he is extremely precious to Bella, like a jewel, and also because vampires can’t go out in the sun or else hello, conspicuous shinyness! His purrsona would be a golden classic tabby tom with pale amber eyes and white paws.

Next is Alice my beloved <3 I think her name would be Crystalshine, because she sees the future like if she was looking into a crystal ball (also because vampires have pale skin), and because she’s Alice, -shine and -heart are the only correct suffixes for her! Her purrsona would be a beautifulpale ginger she-cat with yellow eyes and a white tail-tip and underbelly!

Now I’ll do Charlie! His name would be Oakdrift, because he just gives me the tree vibe I guess. His purrsona would be a pale brown ticked tabby tom with a white muzzle and pale green eyes.

Next is Jacob Black! I think his name would be Russetheart, because he loves Bella (and Renesmee but he was kinda forced to so I’m not counting that) and because I believe his fur color when he *spoilers* turns into a wolf is russet! He’d be a large, fluffy russet tom with stormy gray eyes!

[Minor spoilers for Breaking Dawn] Finally, I’ll do Renesmee! I feel like her name would be Fawnsnow, because everyone loves her and thinks she’s cute and fawns are also cute, also because of that one scene in Breaking Dawn where she’s hunting in the snow with Jacob and Bella. Her purrsona would be a small brown classic tabby she-cat with hazel eyes and a dull white underbelly and ear-tips!

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading, everyone, and may StarClan light your path! Tell me in the comments what your favourite name/purrsona was!

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