Happy Birthday, Lilybreeze!

Time to celebrate a mod that we’re wild(flower) about!!!

a beautiful blue cake with a white lily topping (as lovely as lil!)

I may be a little late, but we can always rose to the occasion and celebrate Lil!!!

a cute gray kitten with a flower crown (as elegant and lovely as lil!)

I hope you’re having the most wonderful birthday! Do you have any plans to make it special? Are you hoping to get any new books to read? Any other exciting gifts?

a brown and white cat wearing a floral fascinator hat (just like lil wearing her special bday hat!)

We’re so lucky to have you here on the blog, both as a speedy and dedicated mod but also a generous and warmhearted friend <3 I’m glad to have met you through our time on BlogTeam, and I admire how you brighten everyone’s day and find a way to connect with everyone, whether asking how everyone’s day went, discussing your latest reads, or weaving beautiful words together in your writing. I’m blessed to call you a friend, and I hope you enjoy celebrating your special day in all ways, including with us on the blog!!! 💗

🕊️🎞️🧺 pineblossom (she/her) 🕰️🏹☁️ intertwined in the magic fabric of our dreaming 🤍📜☕️ mentor to skyshimmer! 🫖🎻⏳

what is a calzone but a pizza taco?


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