[Ravenpaw gazes off into the distance during sunset]

Top 10 favorite warrior cats! by Swanpaw

Swanpaw lists their top favourite characters from the series.

[Ravenpaw gazes off into the distance during sunset]
Art by weak-punk
[Ravenpaw gazes off into the distance during sunset]

Hi I’m swanpaw,im new to blogclan and here are my favorite warrior cats!,First is firestar in 10th place,and yeah I know “he should be higher he saved the clans” yeah but he is really overrated and kinda annoying but my opinion!, okay number 9th!! Mapleshade,she is a villain but I do kinda feel bad for her getting her kits drowned and getting cheated by appledusk,but killing random cats just cause your mate cheated and your kots died? I mean it’s kinda understandable but I hope you will understand,okay number 8th yellow fang,and holy so many people are probably gonna disagree but I don’t like how she just became a random main character but she is nice I feel bad for her kits dieing and her son going mad,like isn’t it random how she died and it was special just like spottedleafs death, number 7th darkstripe,now he follows tigerstar around and barely is even known in the books,but he is a follower and he is super underrated,I kinda feel bad for him even tho hes a villain, number 6th scourge,he is a villain and its sad that he was bullied for being small but he is just really mean in my opinion like why make a clan without telling starclan?,i dont have much words but, number 5th ashfur,now I see how he is mad due to squirrel flight refusing love,but just like mapleshade you dont have to go on a whole killing spree! But like I do feel bad,and now number 4th bluestar,she went through A LOT of trauma and I feel bad she was trying to do her best but there is some flaws but now ,Number 3rd barley he is a good farm cat and is nice not much flaws I know expect he used to be in bloodclan,well now number 2nd white storm he is cool and nice and is pretty to but he died by bone,he is pretty old and thats lucky if yiu get tou grow old in the books,but now!!!! Number 1st ravenpaws!,he’s just so sweet and kind there’s no flaws expect him being shy he’s a bit overrated but that’s fine! And now bye!

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