[Graystripe sits beside Millie and looks over his shoulder at a ghostly Silverstream who is ascending into the starry sky]

Ship or Sink – Controversial Thoughts by Honeyfrost and Cloudpaw

Honeyfrost and Cloudpaw share their thoughts on some ships from the series.

[Graystripe sits beside Millie and looks over his shoulder at a ghostly Silverstream who is ascending into the starry sky]
Art by Alisa222
[Graystripe sits beside Millie and looks over his shoulder at a ghostly Silverstream who is ascending into the starry sky]

I, Honeyfrost, am collaborating with Cloudpaw to write this article, and I hope all of y’all appreciate and are interested in this article! This is also the first article that I have made that is a collab.

Now, let’s begin! For the first question, What is one of your MOST controversial ships in your opinion? Let’s begin with Cloud’s response.

Alr, I’m thinking AshXAsh- very controversial, but the guy clearly seems to be one of those fellows who loves himself! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg- there’s SnowXMonster (SnowFurxCar, basically), which I support, cause it’s funny. SnowFur really did love that monster, she gave her life for it! and she ran to it, too. Okay, that’s not funny, that kinda creepy. Then, my favorite Warrior Ships of all time – JayXNight. Ok, I’ll explain. JayFeather is SOO nice to NightHeart, I think he likes him. There’s no proof, which proves my point, of course, 😀 But then I think of MothXLeaf, FireXGray, SandXSpotted… and something about them, I don’t like.

Personally, I somewhat agree on the statement of AshxAsh.He really shouldn’t be with someone else (because he has VERY toxic traits), and what better than to love himself? I kinda laughed when you said the SnowxMonster! I know its sooo mean, but seriously? You can’t tell me you didn’t laugh.
Moving on, I never really thought of JayxNight. I guess it somewhat makes sense…and it sounds ngl cute! Mmm yeah, the ‘more popular’ ships seem to just make me confused on why anyone would ship them, I mean SandxSpotted? Spottedleaf is her aunt for StarClan’s sake!
What are your thoughts on the more popular ships: TigerDove, DoveBumble (to me, that seem more of a sink), GrayxSilver and GrayxMillie?

“I think TigerDove is a great ship! DoveWing being so affectionate, TigerStar 2 genuinely caring about his kits, and if we got ShadowSight, I’m willing to bear the imperfections!
DoveBumble- BumbleStripe wasn’t for her- clearly, but only because BumbleXNobody is far superior >:3
GrayXSilver- pass, it’s too dramatic, and they all end up dying anyways- the only remainder, LEFT THE CLANS- Oh, the betrayal!
GrayXMillie- It’s good enough for me! At least the kits they made didn’t, like, die instantly.”

To conclude this article, I want to state what I think! For Tiger x Dove…I respect the opinion of them being together, but I personally do not ship it. So we are going to have a neutral one here, neither a ship or sink (but it’s a sink for me).
Onto Dove x Bumble, they clearly weren’t made for either of them, I agree! I feel like they both deserve someone who they both actually love and respect. Think of someone like Rosepetal.
Now we get into GrayxSilver. I personally used to think it was cute when I was younger, but now that I have thought about it some more, its a no from me. The whole relationship just started out sooo weird. They never really bonded with each other either (as Millie did). Sometimes I don’t quite understand how they fell in love soo fast, but love at first sight I guess!
Last but not least, Gray x Millie. Soo first of all, they spent YEARS together, meanwhile, Silverstream x Graystripe was, what, a couple of years at the most (don’t come at me, I didn’t do the math on this lol)? They had three children together, and ones who didn’t die in their first arc (going back to what Cloudpaw said). Gray also had a RELATIONSHIP with his second litter of kits’, when the first one he barely ever saw them (even though Stormfur lived in Thunderclan for a while).

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! May StarClan light (all) your paths >3

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