[a side profile design of Graystripe sitting with his tail around his hind legs]

Reviewing Graystripe by Polarecho

Polarecho shares their thoughts on Graystripe.

[a side profile design of Graystripe sitting with his tail around his hind legs]
Art by Vialir
[a side profile design of Graystripe sitting with his tail around his hind legs]

Hey everyone!! It’s me, Polarecho.

Today, I would like to tell everybody why (wait for it…)

Graystripe sucks.

Why? Jump right in.

(spoilers for literally everything Graystripe is in)

Graystripe summary: He is a food obsessed, traitorous, backstabbing, lying snake of a cat.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but just because he has fluffy fur and a stripe down his back, it doesn’t justify any wrongdoing he did.

As an apprentice, he would literally stuff himself any chance he got- which is selfish. And thats against the warrior code. (But atp the warrior code is a joke so :/)

Theres not much wrong he did as an apprentice tho so I’ll give him that.

BUT- when he became a warrior, and he went on the quest with Fireheart, I think that sorta opened up something in him? Like “oh im special now” and he started being pretty different. Like when he was meeting up with Silverstream, he excused it for being true love.
NOW- was it true love? I would like to believe so. Did Silverstream deserve a better mate? Yes.
He then fought Fireheart for it?!?!? What was even the point of that other than Graystripe throwing a temper tantrum?
We all know that the warrior code means nothing now, but back then it was kind of like a huge deal.
Graystripe basically doubted that ThunderClan could take care of his kits, even though Bluestar and Fireheart SAID they would fight for him. But no, he decided to take the lazy way out and betray his Clan, ultimately going to a Clan he barely knew anything about. (I understand he did it out of war prevention- but at the time Bluestar was capable of leading her Clan into battle and actually winning it) and when were RiverClan and ThunderClan ever NOT fighting? And THEN when he realizes how silly he’s been, he comes crawling back to ThunderClan, BETRAYING his new Clan and kits. Like dudeski, pick a side!

Fast forward to Graystripes Vow, when Firestar is already dead (I think) he thinks. “I feel so miserable for myself, so much so that I’m going to break my promise to Squirrelflight and Firestar and go wander for a bit because idk what imma do with my life.” So he saunters out of camp, stumbles upon Monkeystar, tries to find the moonstone to make up for all his mistakes, and crawls back to camp.
He has this terrible habit of finding mates not from his own Clan, then coming back to ThunderClan after betraying it many times!
Whats even worse is that he was never considered a traitor in StarClans eyes and they gladly accepted him after he said “sorry”.

There’s probably some other stuff but I don’t wanna do a lot of research and stuff. But I think my point got through. Graystripe- no.


Did you guys also know he had an eating addiction which passed on to Bumblestripe 😀

Thats it. Polar OUT-

2nd February 2024

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