[Firestar sits on the high rock as sunlight streams through the trees]

The Debate of Firestar by Swiftiepaw and Amberpaw

Swiftiepaw and Amberpaw discuss Firestar.

[Firestar sits on the high rock as sunlight streams through the trees]
Art by FeysCat
[Firestar sits on the high rock as sunlight streams through the trees]

So, Firestar can be a bit of a… controversial character. Of course, we have plenty of people stanning him, worshipping him, some going as far as to claim he should be immortal. (Not joking, my friend believes he’s hiding in no-Clan territory, and that he didn’t actually die.) Personally, I’m not a fan of Firestar, and I’m ready to back up my belief to my dying breath(!). Amberpaw, what do you think?

I personally don’t like Firestar. I mean, he was a good character in the first arc, but when he became a leader, he didn’t seem as relatable as he was as an apprentice and warrior. He’s overrated. So overrated as a leader, and sure, he’s nice and all, but he doesn’t really have a personality in the arcs up until his death. And even in the arcs after his death. He’s always looked up to, even in the Clans that he didn’t lead. All because of what? What did he do that made him so popular, besides being the main character in TPB?

That is really true, Amberpaw, I resonate with that. One of the things that always frustrated me about Firestar was how quickly he became a warrior. In other arcs where the main character starts out as an apprentice, they usually spend some time as an apprentice. It feels like a letdown now that I see Firestar becoming a warrior so quickly while characters like Dovewing, Ivypool, Twigbranch, and Violetshine progressed more slowly, showing more personality that isn’t affected by the responsibilities of being a warrior.

Firestar became a warrior at the end of Into the Wild. There seemed to be a time skip, but why didn’t Sandstorm and Dustpelt become warriors before Graystripe and Firestar? Firestar seemed wise, yes, but what intention made Bluestar make him a warrior? I’m not very mad about that, I just don’t understand why Firestar seemed to be all mature and such when he was an apprentice. He literally fed RiverClan with Graystripe (who became a warrior with him), and he also fed Yellowfang and himself! He broke the warrior code as an apprentice, yet was looked up to! He was let into StarClan without question, but he really didn’t do much except be the ‘good’ character who defeated the bad guys.

I feel you, Amberpaw. Okay, now I’m going to wade into a bit of a touchy subject: Fire x Spotted. There are so many things wrong with this. Spottedleaf—

Swiftiepaw, don’t even mention that ship. I am never going to like that. It doesn’t even make sense. Spottedleaf never showed any romantic interest in Firestar. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if Spottedleaf hadn’t been killed by Clawface. 

Like I said, touchy subject. I would like to argue that Spottedleaf hinted at being slightly romantically interested in Firestar. Regardless, Spottedflower was SO MUCH OLDER than Firestar. It just seemed so unhealthy. When I read the books as Swiftiekit-aged I remember physically gagging, because even at that tender age I knew how messed up it was.

Okay, new subject. He is sort of selfish as a warrior. He had Cinderpelt as an apprentice, then she got hurt. He got Cloudtail after that, and he became a warrior. But then, once Cloudtail was a warrior, he wanted another apprentice. He said, and he really did say this, “I don’t have an apprentice, now that Cloudtail is a warrior.” Because he was talking to Graystripe about Bramblekit and Tawnykit. Sure, he was deputy, but he should’ve given other cats a chance to mentor. He gave Brackenfur multiple apprentices as a deputy and leader, but his own deputy, Brambleclaw, was only given Berrynose. Why?? Brambleclaw was capable of getting another apprentice and had every right to ask, but Firestar just kept giving them to Brackenfur and his own kin. Firestar had silly reasons for not giving other cats apprentices. Also, didn’t he say that Brightheart would get another apprentice because Jaypaw was going to become a medicine cat? She never got another one (as of A Starless Clan). Hollypaw could have been Brightheart’s apprentice, but she was given to, guess who? Brackenfur. FIRESTAR IS SELFISH AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME OTHERWISE. 

Wow, Amberpaw. I am… scared. You definitely feel very passionate about Firestar. I’m not really sure what to say, which I think brings our article to a close. Thanks so much, everyone who read this, and put in the comment part below if you have indignant responses, we do enjoy reading them. Swiftiepaw out!

Amberpaw out. >;3

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