[a shadowed headshot of Mapleshade with narrowed eyes]

Mapleshade: Justified? by Swiftpaw and Crystalpaw

Swiftpaw and Crystalpaw share their thoughts on Mapleshade’s actions.

[a shadowed headshot of Mapleshade with narrowed eyes]
Art by Mythic Flame
[a shadowed headshot of Mapleshade with narrowed eyes]

There are lots of theories about Mapleshade. And some people think she is justified, but some people don’t. These are the reasons why I think Maple Shade is or is not justified.

Swiftpaw/shadow: I personally think that Maple Shade is Justified, well sort of. I do not think that Maple Shade should have killed cats to avenge her kits deaths but I do think the Apple dusk is ridiculous and that he’s been very mean and that was completely unnecessary I mean dude literally watched his kits die. I feel like read shine didn’t really do a lot to Maple Shade and it’s not really like she’s not really that big of a problem I feel like it’s kind of the influence that Apple dusk had on her and it kind of ruined the character. Also I think that it was completely unnecessary for Maple Shade to literally attack a pregnant cat nobody cares whose kits they are how dare you. I think if I were Maple Shade and Dark Star said this is not a season for losing Warriors and then like yeeted me out then I would literally be like excuse me you just said it’s not a season for losing Warriors you’re losing a warrior right now dummy. Like he didn’t have to be that mean he could have just said I’m so sorry but we can’t right now and I feel really bad even if it wasn’t true just say it. Also I think it’s ridiculous for ThunderClan to be like I’m your kits are from a different Clan they’re half Clan kits get out I think that’s ridiculous and very stupid. I think people shouldn’t hate her but I do agree that some of her actions were wrong. Lots of people say that they deserved it but I really don’t think she should have done that so I believe that Maple Shade is sort of Justified I think the only flaw in that is that she chose the wrong path after what had happened to her.

Crystalpaw/mist: I think Mapleshade is honestly justified as well. She did make some terrible choices, and, just as said in the ultimate guides, she looked as if she was going to become the leader, and then she mated with a complete idiot. I don’t blame her for that, but the question is, wh

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