[full-body designs of the medicine cats from The Prophecies Begin]

What is the point of the medicine cat code? by Amberpaw

Amberpaw takes a look at the medicine cat code.

[full-body designs of the medicine cats from The Prophecies Begin]
Art by Acacion
[full-body designs of the medicine cats from The Prophecies Begin]

Hi, Amberpaw here! I don’t think I’m the only one confused by the medicine cat code. Why is it a thing? Why are the rules the way they are? WHY IS THIS CODE STRICTER THAN THE WARRIOR CODE?
(DISCLAIMER – This will spoil some of the earlier and later chapters of Moth Flight’s vision. If you have not read it and don’t want spoilers, please don’t read this because I don’t want this book to be spoiled for you. But if you’re fine with some chapters being spoiled, go right ahead. Also, this might spoil Po3 chapters, especially the 5th book of Po3)

Okay, let’s start. The first rule that I’m going to talk about is: Medicine cats aren’t allowed to have kits or a mate. This is a strange rule, and also not necessary, in my opinion. Sure, Moth Flight had kits and it distracted her. But we also have evidence that Moth Flight was always distracted. She was distracted even before meeting Micah and having kits. When Leafpool had kits, she didn’t get distracted when Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit went by. Even though Squirrelflight raised them. And lied about them. But Leafpool didn’t get distracted when Jaykit had fallen and needed treatment. She worked perfectly fine. So what’s the point of this rule? I have no clue. Though I do think Moth Flight (and the Erin Hunter team) had fine reasons for creating this rule, it just doesn’t really make much sense for it to be in the code except for plot reasons. Medicine cats can’t have mates. I don’t have much to say except for what I’ve already said about medicine cats can’t have kits.

Next rule: a medicine cat can only retire when an apprentice is ready to take their place. I completely forgot about this rule until reading a book where Goosefeather was retired. I don’t think I’ve seen any other medicine cats retire. I mean, Jayfeather probably could. This rule actually makes sense, so I won’t rant about it because there isn’t really anything to rant about. Although the medicine cats should do it more often.

Okay, moving on to the next rule: Medicine cats can’t fall in love. Now, even though the first rule might go over some of this, I have a lot to say about this rule. It’s even stated in the books that you can’t control how you feel. Although I think this might be a valid rule if they had worded it differently. I mean, sure, you should be able to fall in love, but don’t take Leafpool’s way of doing things as an example. Leafpool ran away to be with Crowfeather. So maybe this rule should have been enforced a bit… less? Maybe so that they could fall in love, but know that running away doesn’t solve anything. *off-topic rant*

Next: A medicine cat may only discuss dreams, prophecies, etc. with their leader or other medicine cats at the monthly meeting; dreams of an otherwise prophetic nature should not be disclosed to any outside parties, or any other cats in the Clan. Why? It seems kind of unfair that normal warriors don’t get to hear what Starclan has *decreed*. They should be able to know. It’s not like knowing would make them revolt or something. It wouldn’t make them any more powerful than they already are. It would probably make them believe what the medicine cats are saying because they would have heard about it sooner and would have time to reflect on it. Instead, medicine cats aren’t allowed to share what they have learned, and It gets really frustrating when a medicine cat knows something important but won’t share it.

This is it for my little rant, hope you enjoyed it! Amberpaw out! >;3

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