[Mapleshade lays on a tree branch with a insidious smile]

Does Mapleshade deserve to be in the Dark Forest? by Amberpaw

Amberpaw shares their thoughts on Mapleshade’s actions.

[Mapleshade lays on a tree branch with a insidious smile]
Artwork by Lunarkisa
[Mapleshade lays on a tree branch with a insidious smile]

Hi, Amberpaw here! I’m going to be talking about Mapleshade today, and if she should be in the Dark Forest or not. If you don’t want spoilers for The Last Hope, then I recommend not reading until the end.

I don’t believe that Mapleshade did something that made her earn her place in the Dark Forest. Her response to her mate cheating on her and her kits drowning makes perfect sense. She may have gone a bit crazy when she was k!lling them, but I like to think about her reasons for doing so as I read those parts.

Her mate cheated on her, even though she had his kits. She left Thunderclan so that she could go to Riverclan to be with him. But did he listen? No, not in the slightest. She didn’t have a home after she was sent away from Riverclan. Her kits died. And nobody took sympathy on her. Now, I’m not justifying her actions, but I am trying to understand her reasons.

Her kits were drowning, and Frecklewish just watched her. Frecklewish could have done something to help, but she didn’t. I haven’t read the novella for a while, but I don’t think Frecklewish was following the warrior code when she watched helpless kits d!e. In my opinion, Frecklewish deserved a place in the Dark Forest, though that’s a topic for another article. Mapleshade had to witness her kits drowning, so even though the way she took revenge was harsh, she had a right to hold a grudge against Frecklewish and enact some kind of revenge. She probably shouldn’t have gone straight to, uh, unaliving, but she was angry and grieving. You really can’t blame her too much for her actions, though she did it on her own conscious.

Thunderclan exiled her. Because she had kits with a Riverclan cat. That’s a bit harsh don’t you think? She did lie, yes, but would you say willingly that your mate was a Riverclan warrior and you had kits with them? Oakstar could’ve chosen a more appropriate response, but he didn’t. Mapleshade shouldn’t have been exiled, especially because too many other cats have done the same thing even before her.

So that’s the end of this article. I don’t have anything else to say, but I would like to hear any opinions about whether Mapleshade deserves to be in the Dark Forest. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my opinion, and I hope you continue to enjoy warrior cats as it is currently! Amberpaw out! >;3

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