Official cover art of Endling: Extinction is Forever by Herobeat Studios

Giving Endling Characters Warrior Names by Anonymous

An anonymous BlogClanner gives warrior names to characters from Endling: Extinction is Forever.

Official cover art of Endling: Extinction is Forever by Herobeat Studios
Official cover art of Endling: Extinction is Forever by Herobeat Studios

Please note that this refers to Endling: Extinction is Forever by Herobeat Studios, *not* Endling: The Last by Katherine Applegate.

Disclaimer: Before I go into this, I would quickly like to say that Endling is a beautiful game, but it is also very intense, nerve-wracking, and sad, so I would not recommend it unless you are 12+ If you are interested in playing this, I tried my best to avoid them, but there are some spoilers.

That being said, let’s get into it! Endling is a game about the last fox on earth. It takes place in a dystopian, sci-fi (though the sci-fi is not as noticeable) world where almost no one can be trusted and it’s everyone for themselves. In the midst of that, a fox must raise her three cubs (even though baby foxes are actually called kits), and save her fourth one, who was stolen by a human. There is no dialogue in this game, but the characters carry so much personality and emotion, I just had to give them Warrior names.

Mother Fox
The character you play as is simply referred to as the mother fox. Her sole duty is to protect her kits from predators and starvation. She will do anything to keep them alive, from fighting off owls and humans to risking suffocation to get food. Because of this, I think her prefix should be Bear, because of the term Mama Bear, and also because female bears in particular can be fierce but gentle at the same time. But the mother fox isn’t only gentle to her kits — she shows compassion for the Badger, Molly, and even the Scavenger! Because of this, I think her suffix should be -lotus, because lotuses represent compassion.
Result: Bearlotus

The Cubs
The kits are a bit more difficult, because they spend most of the game following their mother around. Not only that, but you get to pick your kits’ appearances. I’ll do prefixes based on my kits, but this may be different for everyone.
The first kit is pale orange with white speckles on her back. I named her Rosita, so her prefix can be Rose- And because Rosita is the kit who gets the ability to crawl through small spaces, her suffix can be -burrow.
The next kit is dark gray. His name is Raven because he appeared to have black fur when I first saw him. Likewise to his sister, his prefix can be Raven- Raven later acquires the ability to climb, so his suffix should be -branch.
The third kit is cream with ginger ears, paws, and nose bridge. I named her Rai, which can also be spelled as Rye, which is a valid prefix, so she can be Rye- Then… I must confess, I’ve been slacking on some of the cub skills so she doesn’t have any special ones. But I think she might get the deactivate traps ability, so her suffix can be -bird, because most birds are very intelligent.
Finally, the fourth kit (and the one who got kidnapped) is simply a dark red fox. His name is also Red because it’s the first name that came to mind and it stuck. His suffix can be -pounce because of his curiosity which led him to be captured.
Results: Roseburrow, Ravenbranch, Ryebird, and Redpounce

The badger starts out as an enemy, but after helping her a few times she becomes a friend and sometimes even helps the foxes! Because she is slow to trust and her dark fur, her prefix should be Night- Her suffix should be -oak, because once you get to know her, it turns out she is strong, steadfast, and motherly.
Result: Nightoak

The Roamer
The Roamer is a man who, well, roams, and sings songs. Sometimes he will wave at the foxes or even feed them, but my favorite thing about him is when he sat around a fire with a bunch of other people (including my two favorite characters), and led them in a song. This was especially beautiful, hopeful, and heartbreaking because the dystopian setting tends to show people being distrustful of each other. His name should be Hopesong, because he brings music and hope.
Result: Hopesong

The Furrier
Easily my least favorite character, this guy is terrifying! If you ever play this game, avoid him at all costs! Because the mother fox and her kits are the last of their kind, he wants to catch her and sell her fur coat. He works alongside another character, the Scavenger, who I’ll talk about later, to catch the foxes. Unlike the Scavenger, the Furrier appears to be heartless. Initially you could assume he has a good reason for needing the money, but as the story goes on we see him be cruel towards his dogs, and even try to steal from his own ally! And he’s proven that he is even willing to murder in cold blood, as he did to a certain character after they failed him. His name should be Fangfrost, because he is cruel and cold.

The Scavenger
(A lot of spoilers here, just as a warning)
My second favorite character, the Scavenger is the human who kidnaps one of the mother fox’s kits. Wait — so why is he one of my favorites? Well, unlike his cold ally, the Scavenger has a good reason — he needs the money from the fox’s coat to buy medicine for his sick little girl. He is relentless in trying to catch the mother fox, and desperate to save his daughter. We see him checking on her and making sure she’s okay and taking her over to the fire where the Roamer is singing — although, he also gives her tough love when she wants him to free the fox kit. His prefix should be Lion- because of his loyalty to his daughter. As for his suffix, after some pretty major events in the story, the Scavenger realizes that the mother fox must love her kit as much as he loves his daughter, and reunites the kit with its mother. I know it’s already a canon name, but -heart is really the only suffix for him.
Result: Lionheart

And finally, my absolute favorite character, Molly. Molly is the aforementioned daughter of the Scavenger. She is kind, innocent, and trusting. We first meet her when she shoos the mother fox away before the Scavenger can find her — even though Molly must know that the fur of the fox is her best chance at getting better. She often leaves food for the kits and gets upset when she doesn’t have any to offer. Sometimes she’ll even hug the fox (which is absolutely adorable). Her prefix should be Bright-, because she’s like a ray of sunlight in a dark, corrupted, dystopian world. Not only that, but we see her painting a picture of (presumably) her family, while singing to herself, using bright colors. Which leads into her suffix, which I believe should be -song. This is because of her gentleness, generosity, and innocence.
Result: Brightsong

And that’s pretty much all! What was your favorite name? And if you’ve played this before, do you think the names fit? I think my favorite named was Brightsong (lol, but I’m also biased towards Molly).

Anon, out!

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