[display of the first eight books of Keeper of the Lost Cities]

Giving Warrior names to KOTLC people part 1 by Rubyshine

Rubyshine gives warrior names to characters from Keeper of the Lost Cities.

[display of the first eight books of Keeper of the Lost Cities]
[display of the first eight books of Keeper of the Lost Cities]

Hey! It’s Rubyshine here! Today I will be giving warrior names to KOTLC (aka, Keeper of the Lost Cities) people. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR KOTLC. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ UP TO BOOK 8: LEGACY.

1. Sophie

This one was kinda easy to be honest. I think her suffix should be -wing to represent Silveny, and I thought: Well, what if her prefix was Amber? Because she has amber eyes? But then, I realized that the prefix ‘black’ would probably work better, because it resembles the black swan. So, in total, Sophie’s new name is Blackwing!

2. Keefe

Okay, this one took some time. I decided that his prefix should be Moon because of that weird moon symbol in the note he had to deliver to that person in London (another reason I chose this was because literally no other prefix would fit him quite as well). After a moment’s hesitation, I decided on -heart for his suffix, mostly because of all the love he has for Sophie. So, that leaves us with Moonheart!

3. Fitz

Alright! So, I think his prefix should be ‘teal’ because of his eyes (obviously), and I’m pretty sure we can all agree that his suffix should be -storm because of his temper. So, we have Tealstorm! Which is actually a great name if I do say so myself.

4. Linh

Linh’s turn! I instantly thought that her suffix should be -pool because of her calm-ish personality and her power (which is water, if no one knew). I then decided on ‘night’ for her prefix because: 1. It sounds cool. 2. Her hair is black, like night. So that makes: Nightpool. Pretty cool sounding, huh?

5. Tam

Guys, I just made the best name for our Tammy Boy: Silverhair. ISN’T IT SO PERFECT?! ‘silver’ because of his silver bangs, and -hair also because of his bangs. Keefe would be proud.

6. Biana

So: her prefix should be ‘clear’ because she’s a vanisher. No arguing me out of that. Her suffix on the other hand…
You know what?
Perfect suffix. -scar is because of all the scars she got in book 6 Nightfall. So, that leaves us with Clearscar. I think that’s decent enough.

Perfect! We got all of the actually important people! (except Lady Gisela…we can get her later) I will probably do a part 2, so keep on the lookout for that! Please do not post any comments! Rubyshine out

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