[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

Saying all of the bad things about the most common favorite warror cats by Amberpaw

Amberpaw shares their thoughts on some popular characters.

[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Leafpool looks down at a trail of stars with the Warriors logo above her]

Hi! Amberpaw here with another article! This time, I’m going to be talking about the most common favorite warrior cats, and what my opinion on them is. I will be talking about how bad they are btw, just because I can’t think of anything nice about them that’s entertaining enough for people to read this. This is purely for fun, and for entertainment if you happen to read this.

Okay, first in line is the all-time classic: Bramblestar! Yes, I know that you probably thought Firestar was first, and he is on many lists. But in the ones I found, it’s Bramblestar. And I don’t want to copy others who have made articles similar to this. Also, I’ve collaborated with Swiftiepaw for an article all about Firestar, so I’ve probably said too much about him. OKAY, BRAMBLESTAR TALKING TIME. Bramblestar, in my opinion, is a bad leader. He tried to be Firestar in the books he stars in after he became a leader, but we can all see how that worked out. Bramblestar became a leader too soon, and he even mentions this in his nine-lives ceremony. He is a terrible mate to Squirrelflight, yet he gets a lot of fame. Hmmm, maybe that’s infamy and not fame. He does have a reputation since A Starless Clan, considering that he stepped back and let his deputy, Squirrelflight, ascend to the position. Bramblestar was a good cat in The New Prophecy, with his story kind of interesting. But as he becomes deputy, he really loses some of that personality that many enjoyed. He also became sensible. When did that happen?

Next up: Hollyleaf. I have some *opinions* about her, and here are a few. She’s annoying and hypocritical in PoT, because she always talked about the code, scorning anybody who didn’t follow it. She questions the cat she thought was her father, Brambleclaw, yet looks up to him. She breaks the code, but when her brother, Lionpaw, breaks it, she tells him to stop. But she has some good things about her too. Even though she’s a stickler for the warrior code, she has a great personality in PoT. And even though she unalived Ashfur, he kinda deserved it. She did leave the clan though, making her brothers, Lionblaze and Jayfeather, think she was dead. Why? Because she wasn’t part of the prophecy and unalived Ashfur and said the thing she didn’t want Ashfur to say IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GATHERING. So maybe she had a right to leave. She comes back after helping Ivypool and Dovewing, but everybody in Thunderclan seemed to accept that she was back after Brambleclaw lied to them. Hollyleaf had some negative traits, mostly near the end. She did save Ivypool, unaliving in the process, but that’s really all she did that was heroic of her.

Okay, next is… Ivypool. Ivypool is a beloved character because of her heroic spying in the Dark Forest. Everybody seems to forget that she killed Antpelt twice and almost killed Flametail, who was already dead by the way, and was jealous of her sister, who was in the prophecy. So maybe she wasn’t all that heroic. Many people, including me at first, thought that she was risking her life to spy in the Dark Forest. And she was, sort of. She kept wanting to tell the cats from the clans that the dark forest cats were evil, but she didn’t. It would’ve been fine, especially if she told the cats from Thunderclan. What would have happened? They would have found out she was spying and learned the truth? I’m pretty sure that would have been better. But who knows? They might have turned her in. So Ivypool might have been right to decide not to tell them, especially because Breezepelt actually knew what the dark forest cats were up to, and wanted to be a part of it. Hmmm. I’ll have to reread OoTS.

Please welcome to the stage… Dovewing! Now, I’m not going to say too much about her, especially because her sister is also on this list, just above her, and also there are a lot of Dovewing lovers. But basically, she left her sister and her birth clan, Thunderclan, for a Shadowclan cat, changed her whole personality for Tigerheart, and seems a bit… whiny. But I don’t really know the details off the top of my head, so I won’t say anything else about Dovewing.

Last, but not least, is Violetshine! Violetshine is personally a cat I do not like. Sure, she doesn’t obsess over her parentage like her sister, Twigbranch, but she literally joined rouges that tried to destroy the clans. Just to be with Needletail. Needletail. She was in Shadowclan, then the rouges, then Thunderclan (though that wasn’t really her fault), and then Skyclan. She at least has a personality, and stops her son, Rootspring, from jumping in to save Bristlefrost when she drowns in dark water, but that’s about it. Other than taking Shadowclan cats from the rouges and bringing them into Thunderclan, she doesn’t really do much except attack Twigpaw and clan cats.

That’s it for now, but I might make a part two if I can. If any of these are your favorite cats, please take my opinion with a grain of salt. Don’t listen to any of this, because I just write articles for fun. I hope you continue to enjoy Warrior Cats as it already is. Amberpaw out! >:3

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