Giving Star Trek: Strange New Worlds characters warrior names! by Asterpaw

Asterpaw gives warrior names to characters from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Official poster for Star Trek: Strange New World

Hi guys so today imma talk about what names I would give strange new worlds Star Trek characters! I love Star Trek and since I haven’t seen an article on this yet I thought I would help out!

So we will start off with the lovely captain pike, so he already has a prefix in his name so it will be pike-something. For the suffix pike is kind and caring so maybe heart. So final name, Pikeheart!

Next we will do Spock (squeal like the fangirl I am). So Spock is logical, crazy I know, and he is very scientific…hmmm. Maybe Earth for a prefix because he is grounded and also earth like space and Star Trek is in space? I dunno. Maybe Earthfoot? I could probably do better but I can’t think of anything right now.

So now I want to do doctor m’benga and I really want to name him after plant life for some reason so I’ll do Bush for a prefix and since m’benga is a tad…unstable underneath because of the war with the klingons, I will add fire as his suffix. Wait, that’s perfect. Bushfire.

Next let’s do La’an! So she is very much about hiding how she feels so maybe Stoneheart? I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and I like this one the best so Stoneheart it is!

Now we can do Uhura! She is focused and kind. So maybe Beam for the prefix like a concentrated beam of light. For the suffix maybe wing or shine? I’m at a loss. I think I’ll do wing so Beamwing!

Lastly I’ll do nurse chapel. She is reckless and very cheerful so for a prefix I might do fire or flame because fire is bright and hard to control. Fire sounds more right to me so fire and then for the suffix something cheerful. Fireblaze sounds like too much fire so maybe Fireshine or Firelight. Firelight sounds too cozy for nurse chapel so I’ll do Fireshine!

This is the end but tell me who you favorite Star Trek character is below! Byeee y’all!

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