Happy Clanniversary, Lilacpaw!

It’s Lilacpaw’s second clanniversary! Congrats on two awesome years on the blog, Lilacpaw! (Soon to be Lilacbloom, I hear!) It’s been lovely having you with us.

Image description: a cream colored cat in a party hat licks its nose.

Two years, hurrah! That’s a whopping 730 days, or approximately 63072000 seconds if you prefer. Your energetic and vibrant presence has made each of those seconds a bit better for everyone who’s had the pleasure of chatting with you! You’re always kind and supportive of your fellow bloggers, and your well-voiced opinions on all things Warriors help add to the community discussions.

Image description: four cats with birthday hats smile at cake. Hearts float around them.

Here’s a little acrostic poem for you!






Image description: a white cake decorated with berries and purple flowers

Mmmm, that’s a tasty looking cake. Save me a slice! (Or two. Or three….)

Once again, happy clanniversary Lilacpaw! Do you have a favorite blogclan memory? Anything you’re looking forward to in this next blog year?

Here’s to another good one!

Image description: a bundle of purple balloons


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