[Firepaw crouches in tall grass]

6 prefixes and suffixes I like/love! by Fawnleap

Fawnleap lists some prefixes and suffixes they’re a fan of.

[Firepaw crouches in tall grass]
Official art by Owen Richardson
[Firepaw crouches in tall grass]

Hello guys! This is Fawnleap here, and I’ll be talking about some warrior cat suffixes and prefixes I like/love! ( I think I listed a lot)

Any type of bird. Finchlight, Sparrowpelt, heck, even Snowbird I like! Even though it doesn’t sound like it, they give me estimates of what they look like! Like I know finchlight is a black cat, because most cats with “finch” in their name are black cats, and the “light” also gives me that she has orange flecks! Same with sparrowpelt. With a name like that, we all know he’s a brown cat!
Shade. Mapleshade, fernshade, leafshade, I love it because the name shade makes me think of darker spots, and I personally think cats with different shades of colors are very pretty! Also, with everyone except mapleshade, I see “shade” also meaning a calm and cool cat.
Cloud. I think Sneezecloud, Cloud Spots, Cloudpelt, Cloudberry, and Cloudtail are really cute names. It makes me think it white spots, completely white fur, or a really fluffy cat. And we all love fluffy cats! It makes me also think of soft fur, or just a gentle cat with puffy fur.
Light. Finchlight, Briarlight, Lightleap, Harelight. It makes me think of gentle, kind, and loving cats who are literally a light to others! Instead of describing their looks, it more describes their personality.
Frost. The suffix or prefix “frost” makes me think of calm, quiet, gentle cats who are just.. There even if they’re the main character. Some of the names I like including this name are: Bristlefrost, Frostpaw, Applefrost, Poppyfrost, Frostfur and Crowfrost.
Last but not least, heart! Cats with the “heart” suffix are kind cats who do what they think is right. I also love their healing personality and their bright and energetic actions, of course! I have a fondness for “heart” cats and I don’t know why to be honest! I guess I love their personalities.
Thank you for reading this article! It means a lot to me as this is my first article ever and I don’t think I did very well, haha. Well, Fawnleap is out!

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