Happy Clanniversary, Nightwind!

It’s Starwars d- *cough* Nightwind’s clanniversary! Nightwind’s been on the blog since 2021, and I think I speak for everyone when I say: Night, I’m glad you’ve stuck with us for 3 incredible years!

Image description: a black cat lies on a white and orange blanket

Did you know that it takes blueberry plants ~3 years to start growing tasty berries? Lucky for us, you’ve been plenty sweet all 3 years! It just goes to show that you really are the Blueberry King. You always come across as very kind, mature, and encouraging. It’s been great having you around!

Image description: white, light blue, and dark blue balloons with blue stars hanging from them

And now, time for an acrostic poem!






Image description: a yellow cake decorated with blueberries, small yellow flowers, and a planty thing

Behold, a cake! It looks too pretty to eat, but if you don’t eat it I will. Wait, you are going to eat it? I…uh…may have acted a bit prematurely. I’ll get you another one!

Happy clanniversary once again, Nightwind! What’s your best blog memory? How have you seen the blog change over the years?

I hope you have a lovely rest of your day! Also, good luck with your Senior Warrior campaign! (Get those couches in, folks!)

Image description: orange, blue, and red party hats with multicolored confetti against a dark blue background


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