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My least favorite warrior cats by Dandelionscar

Dandelionscar lists their least favourite characters from the series.

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Hey guys. This is my very first post and I know a lot of people do this but I hope you like my opinion on it. (Spoilers to all the books up to ASC Thunder) Btw these are not in order. Also, I am not doing villains of the clans.

Least Favorite:
1. Tigerstar 2
In my opinion Tigerstar 2 (Tigerheart) is worse then some of our biggest enemies. Once Tigerheart became leader he puts his family first no matter what and never thinks about his clan. The way he acts is just infuriating to me. What he does about Riverclan in ASC is super annoying too. He doesn’t do anything to help and just makes his warriors go over to the Riverclan Camp. He just sits back and watches and doesn’t try to help the Riverclan find a leader at all. It’s almost like he just wants to be in control of them.

2. Berryheart:
Berryheart acts like she better than everyone and knows what’s right. She tries to overthrow Tigerstar 2 (which the one thing I somewhat agree with her on). She has this huge thing against cats switching clans and accuses her son’s mate of causing a greencough epidemic which made zero sense. She proposed 3 trials to become a warrior of another clan and made them impossible to complete for her daughters mate. And then when her daughter switched clans she tried bullying her into coming back to Shadowclan.

3. Sparkplet
Ohh don’t get me started on Sparkplet! But I’m writing about her so why am I saying this. I’m sorry to any Sparkplet lovers out there, I just hate her. Anyway let’s get to my reasons. When Larksong dies which is heartbreaking for her and I understand that she basically just rejects her kits. To add to that she names her jet black kit who looks just like is father Flamekit which I mean whatever I don’t know why she named him that maybe it’s is eyes or something I don’t remember what is eyes look like. ANYWAY… getting back to the point, she expects Flamekit to be just like is high and might great grandfather, FIRESTAR (who I will get to in a bit). Then when she gets exiled my Bramblestar’s imposter (Ashfur) with her daughter Finchpaw she basically just disregards Flamepaw and acts like she doesn’t have a son, up until when he becomes a warrior. Fast forward to Flamepaw becoming Flameheart. up until now Sparkplet has expected him to be great and awesome and perfect just like Firestar. Then when Bramblestar names him Flameheart and he asks for a different name which yes he is speaking out a his warrior ceramony he should be greatful and all that but still. HE IS YOUR SON!! And then when he leaves to join Shadowclan (I wonder why!?) she acts like ohh what about your family, excuse what family she just disregarded Nightheart and didn’t even care about him. She was really nice and supportive of Sunbeam though and when Nightheart came back. So maybe she realized her mistakes and all but also she always acted like she was better than everyone else. Sorry I got really angry in some parts. Hope I didn’t offend anyone but that’s my opinion on Sparkplet for y’all.

4. The great and Almighty Firestar
Okay, okay, I know he did a ton of great things and the clans would most likely be in turmoil if he had never joined Thunderclan butttt, still he kind of got stuck up at times. He was an amazing leader but at times (a lot) he got his clan in a lot of trouble with other clans because he took in or housed other cats, he got in other clans business and constantly acted like he needed to help everyone. He was in my opinion too soft of a leader.

5. Dovewing
She was super cool and nice and caring as a kit, apprentice, and young warrior but after he lost her powers, like Lionblaze, she changed a lot. At first when she was seeing Tigerheart she was super reasonable and was being smart about and telling him that they should stop. But when she got pregnant and as a mother in Shadowclan she is very werid and overprotective and just messed up. I really don’t like and she acts like she’s better than everyone and never helps out with anything in the camp. She’s just with Tigerstar 24/7 and when she came back from having her kits she just expected everyone to still like her and be ok that she a Shadowclan cat. She expected that she could visit Thunderclan whenever she wanted to.

And that’s my top 5 least favorite warriors not in order. Some of them I kind of started ranting about but I hope you like it. and that’s by opinion. Also, Clear Sky is probably my least favorite warrior ever but I didn’t feel like writing about him. Hope yall enjoy and Congrats for getting through all this.


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