[a stylistic full-body design of Nightcloud with a fluffy mane and tail]

Why Nightcloud was one of the best mothers in the series by Mapledawn

Mapledawn highlights some of Nightcloud’s good actions as a mother.

[a stylistic full-body design of Nightcloud with a fluffy mane and tail]
Art by smoltoxin
[a stylistic full-body design of Nightcloud with a fluffy mane and tail]

HI! I find that a lot of fans have been calling Nightcloud a bad parent for many reasons, such as not letting Crowfeather be a father, being “Overprotective”, and teaching her son bad things! If youve read the series, you know that this is actually the opposite! So, im going to dissect all of the stuff weve seen Nightcloud do in regards of her family!

First, Crowfeather never loved her, and she knew it. How did she know it? Maybe it was the time where two of her kits died at birth and he didnt ONCE comfort her! Or maybe it was him being cold to her in general! She even says in his book the only time she felt loved and appreciated is when she was trapped in a twoleg den.

Anyways! In outcast, its shown that Breezepaw’s clanmates hate him- or at least the warriors do. There are many examples of this that i can give in the comments, but during the tribe journey, Crowfeather yells at him for wanting to rest and eat, and even hits him for being “disrespectful” tto purdy. May i remind you that Breezepaw is a CHILD in this book? Breezepaw is a nice kid, when Crowfeather isnt around. He CAN make friends! But this isnt about him. If your son is hates by all the adults in your community when he hasnt done anything wrong, its your job to stick up for him. Which is what Nightcloud always did.

Breezepelt gets his xenophobia from his father. Not his mother. In the sight, we see nightcloud actually discourage hateful speech towards other clans! Nightcloud always loved and protected her son even when nobody would help her, and Im tired of seeing her get hate for that!

Was she overprotective? No. But was she jealous? Yes. When she found out abpout Leafpool’s secret, she was overcome with jealousy. Leafpool’s three kits with Crowfeather survived, and they grew up with a loving family and clan. Crowfeather loved her, but he didnt love Nightcloud. But, in Night Whispers, when Crowfeather attacks Leafpool, she puts away her jealousy and defends her. She understands how Leafpool feels.

Other cute things include her watching over Lionpaw and Breezepaw in the medicine den while they sleep, her interactions with Heathertail in general, and her friendship with Pickles the kittypet.

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