[a close-up headshot of Bristlefrost from the cover of Veil of Shadows]

My opinion about Bristlefrost by Snowpaw

Snowpaw shares their thoughts on Bristlefrost.

[a close-up headshot of Bristlefrost from the cover of Veil of Shadows]
Official art by Owen Richardson
[a close-up headshot of Bristlefrost from the cover of Veil of Shadows]

Is Bristlefrost a hero or a pain in the tail? Was she a brave warrior or a gullible she-cat? Hi guys, it’s Snowpaw here (formerly Leafpaw) and today, I will be telling you why I don’t think Bristlefrost deserves all the fame and reputation she gets. Major spoilers for TBC.

We all know Bristlefrost as a great warrior who saved the Clans from Ashfur’s destruction, we all say how brave she was giving her life to save the Clans, but what about the flip side. She betrayed many of her Clanmates to the impostor and thinks she was trying to help. Honestly, she is a very honest and intelligent cat, but she is sometimes very gullible. Her blabbing caused the temporary exile of Lionblaze and Spotfur’s “isolation”. Later on, she sees Stemleaf talking to Spotfur and says they have to stop talking because it’s against the warrior code and they might get into trouble. I mean Stemleaf is right when he asks her if she hasn’t caused enough trouble already. I can’t blame Spotfur for being mad at her, she sticks too much to the warrior code. Later, she tattles on Sparkpelt and thinks the impostor won’t attack her because she’s his daughter. Like, you’ve seen what the fake Bramblestar’s like, yet you still go and do it. Hasn’t she learned from her mistakes? This almost causes Sparkpelt’s death when Bramblestar tries to murder her with dogs. She has been so close to Bramblestar that her clanmates are afraid she is a spy for him. When she eavesdrops on the secret meeting, Twigbranch yells at the other cats that Bramblestar’s spy is here and they have to get out. The only reason she is actually close to him is because he gives her special jobs, such as deputy tasks. At least after that, Bristlefrost helps her Clan defeat the impostor (Ashfur)

When Rootpaw brings a vole to thank Bristlefrost (ok, we know he has a crush on her…), she is on the verge of denying the prey, only stopped by the elders who look at the vole hungrily. Like, girl, it’s leaf-bare, at least don’t deny or turn away free prey. Then, she is very ungrateful about it and in her thoughts, she thinks Rootpaw is embarrassing her (that doesn’t bother me all that much) and she is mad at him. It’s as if you’re mad at the person who gives you a free gift.

I haven’t forgotten all the good things she has done, but still, I feel as if she shouldn’t deserve all the fame she’s getting right now. Anyways, bye!

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