April Contest Results!

It’s time to reveal the results of the April BlogClan contests!! I hope you’re all excited! 😀

a bengal cat climbs across the side of a mossy tree. image credit to AdobeStock

I was absolutely blown away by the entries to the art contest! You can find everyone’s entries to the art contest in this document!

I’ve added a little something I liked about each of them in the document too. You should all be very proud of yourselves because every single drawing here has so much personality to it and I can tell how hard you all worked! They all look fabulous! 😀

There were a lot of entries to the writing contest which does not surprise me at all – BlogClan is full of members who love to write and have an amazing talent for it. The quality of your entries was extremely high. I really really enjoyed getting to read all of these and seeing some of all your writing! 🙂

The following document is pretty long, but you can find and read everyone’s entries hopefully a little more easily by clicking the headings to be taken to each person’s entry. Click here to view the document.


RUNNERS UP – Shadowspirit, Swiftpaw
WINNER – Fernpaw/mist


RUNNERS UP – Eggsnake, Ravage_wolf
WINNER – Palepaw


RUNNERS UP – Shiverpaw/wind, Solarpaw/flare
WINNER – Sorrelpaw

CAPTION CONTEST (click to see the entries)

Shadowspirit: “Hawkfrost lost a bet. All hail the Bunny King.” Aquila: I find this really funny and I can definitely imagine the cat as Hawkfrost!

Swiftpaw: “When you’re really comfy, but you also want candy. Almost there…!” Aquila: This is so accurate and relatable! The cat’s paw in the picture is pushing against the edge of the basket as if it is really trying to get the eggs without moving much!

Fernpaw/mist:“Egg-stra treats if I dress up as my prey!” Aquila: I love how this has a pun and also is super funny! I can just imagine the cat dressing itself up to please its humans!!

ART CONTEST (click to see the entries)




WRITING CONTEST (click to see the entries)


‘It was an explosion, of stars, cosmos, all the void swirling there. Rainfall of sparks, orange, azure, emerald, lighting up the sky. They burned. They were ablaze. But still nothing more than a wisp of stardust, all of which did not exist. The others, perfect illusions, mirages, creations of the birth and death of a nebula. A single strand of light, a flicker of flame, a fleck of dust, they are something. Something, no matter how big or small. Something. Vacuity is not. But the nebula— it is not, yet still, I see, and I sense. It was born, it died. It made a scene, beautiful, haunting, deadly. It was a phantom of unearthly magic, an apparition of otherworldly witchcraft. They are the everything of nothing, something whispers to my very soul, my vitality, my psyche. And the nothingness which makes up everything. The soft brush of leaves, the barely felt moss pressing in on me, they were a memory to me, or less, barely there. I was not, am not, will not be. I will never surrender. Stars— they will be the deepest regret, always. Every time they whisper to me, why? Every time I evade. And now, to wreak vengeance, what they seek. My deepest regret, my darkest fear. I cannot. It tears me apart. I wish everything was a nebula. Everything is a ghost, and I, the only one, is no more. No one is something. I am the essence of void. I am the lifeblood of nihility. I am nothing.’


‘Damp moss crunched under Eagleheart’s paws as he flew through the forest after Gingertuft. The potent smells the leaves and trees emitted gave the air a sharp tang, and the storm clouds that hung overhead threatened a downpour that made the wind sharper along the edges. It was the first promise of rainfall that season, and to say Eagleheart was excited would be an understatement—they had not had even a drizzle for a long time, and the pools and rivers had shrunk because of it, leading to a very dry green-leaf. “Keep up, heir!” Gingertuft called over his shoulder as he sped farther away. He had always been faster, which was frustrating because Eagleheart was used to being the fastest. “Stop calling me that already! It’s deputy to you!” Eagleheart shouted back, skidding to a halt to catch his breath as Gingertuft veered and leapt for the nearest tree. Eagleheart watched his mate weave his way up the slim trunk, his claws churning the bark and scraping off splinters that dappled the grass. Gingertuft had never been able to get over SpiritClan almost deeming Eagleheart and his brothers the heirs of TwiceClan in replacement of deputies, and he loved to mock his mate for it. Eagleheart had promised himself when Gingertuft had said it the first time that he would get revenge on SpiritClan for such a mouse-brained title when he joined his ancestors in the stars. Thanks for a lifetime of embarrassment, he thought, a smile tugging at his lips as Gingertuft successively climbed to one of the higher branches and plopped down on it. Truthfully, he didn’t really mind—as long as Gingertuft was the one doing the mocking. “Come up here, Eagleheart! It’s beautiful!” Gingertuft yelled down to him. Eagleheart tipped his head back and a realization struck him. This was the tree he’d climbed when he’d met Squawky, his friend Bear’s pet bird. He remembered staring out at the horizon, his mind finally settling as he watched the sun dip beneath the trees. Little stars had dotted the sky, the first and brightest of Silverpelt. It was very beautiful indeed. Without a word, he threw himself at the tree and started climbing, working the wood just as Gingertuft had. When he reached the branch his mate was perched on, he slumped down beside him, pressing their flanks together and savoring the warmth that encompassed him. He leaned his head on his shoulder and wrapped their tails together. Gingertuft lowered his head to look Eagleheart in the face. He had eyes that lit up the whole top half of his face, an orange so bright it was almost impossible not to be captured by. “I love you so much, Eagleheart.” he mewed. The wind picked up around them. A leaf hit Eagleheart in the face—he shook it off and smiled. “I love you too, Gingertuft.” Eagleheart sank into his mate, his eyelids fluttering closed. He didn’t see the two clawmarks dotting the leaf as it soared away.’


‘The sun beamed down on the forest, casting dappled light patterns on the lush grass. I had no time to look though – I was on a mission. Meet me by the oak, was all the mysterious cat had said, leaving many unanswered questions swirling round my head. Still, I wasn’t about to miss out on an adventure. There was a warm breeze and adventure was hanging in the air. However, there was an ominous copper-like scent that meant rain was on the way. I’d better hurry, I thought to myself, and strode on. Soon enough, as I was crossing a precarious stepping-stone path across the river, a light drizzle began, which soon transformed to a relentless rainfall. I grimaced: the spongy moss that cloaked the wobbly stones was growing slick and slippery. One wrong move and I would plummet into the raging river that crashed relentlessly over the rocks, sending foam flying towards the swirly grey clouds in the brooding stormy sky like a deep purple bruise. I flicked my ears crossly, sending an arc of droplets soaring gracefully into the river, but lost my balance and crashed under the water. All the breath was knocked out of me as I submerged: it might have been water, but it felt hard as rock. Immediately I panicked and took a breath, choking as muddy water swirled into my mouth. My lungs screamed and my blood roared for air: I powered up towards the surface as fast as I could. My head had only just broken the surface, bobbing about in the current when a colossal wave towered over me and crashed down: I was back underwater. By then, I was too tired to fight. I let myself sink to the riverbed, knowing that this would be the last time I saw daylight. I was about to let the darkness engulf me entirely when a paw broke through the water. Although the shout was quickly whipped away by the wind, I heard the owner of the paw cry “Grab on!” Using the last of my energy, I kicked desperately towards the surface, and, just when I thought I wasn’t going to make it, the steady paw grasped mine and hauled me, dripping, onto the grassy bank. I lay there, exhausted and mind in a stupor, as I coughed up the dank river water, then turned feebly to look at my saviour. She was a white-and-orange she-cat with sparkling green eyes. I unsteadily rose to my paws. “You… You saved my life. Thank you.” My voice was hoarse, but the cat nodded. It was then that I noticed I could see the trees faintly through her… she was slightly translucent! What? I asked myself, but before I could ponder any more, the cat was padding towards the trees. “Wait!” I called. “What’s your name?” She merely smiled and calmly walked away. As I stood there with a warm feeling in my heart, I knew I would see her again, one day.’

For the runners up, I offer you as your prize either a custom secret page (you can choose the page name, picture, and add a description of your choice to it), or a headshot of one of your OCs or a canon character drawn by me. Please tell me in the comments which you would like!

For people who won one of the contests, I offer you for your prize a custom secret page (you can choose the page name, picture, and add descriptions of your choice to it), and a full body of one of your OCs or a canon character drawn by me. Please tell me in the comments what what you want for your prize!

Prizes will be given to you in the post coming out on June 1st, announcing the next BlogClan contests. I’ll confirm that I’ve received what you’d like for your prize in a reply to your comment on this post!

That’s everything for today! I’m sorry that you can’t all be winners because I genuinely loved looking through your entries and know you all put much time, effort, and care into them. If you didn’t win, it doesn’t in anyway mean I didn’t like your entry or thought it was bad at all – I love everyone’s entries in different ways and had such a hard time choosing the top 3 for each contest. (You should have seen me reading and then rereading and then rereading all the entries trying to decide! 😛 )

Please give everyone’s entries some love in the comments – I’m sure you would all love to hear what you think of each others’ entries!

If you have suggestions of what I could reasonably offer as prizes for the contests, then I’m all ears! Just drop me a comment below! Same goes for if you have any suggestions in general – perhaps a contest you’d like to see sometime in a future edition? 😀

As always, have a wonderful day! <3

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It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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