[a simple design of Hollyleaf sitting with a green circle behind her]

Cats I Despise And Like by Duskflame

Duskflame lists characters from the series that they dislike and those that they like.

[a simple design of Hollyleaf sitting with a green circle behind her]
Art by KenjiCotton (RedBubble)
[a simple design of Hollyleaf sitting with a green circle behind her]


Pinestar – in Goosefeather’s curse he was really arrogant to Goosepaw ( then ) because he was an apprentice and in Bluestar’s phrophecy he just abandoned his only son Tigerkit ( then ) who had been through a lot.

Hawkfrost – I know that some of you like him a lot but there was no reason for hi to be mean to his sister ,Mothwing , the only nice things he did was only stirred by his hunger for power .

Firestar – I know a lot of Firestar fans out there but what’s his problem?? Like he sticks his oversized nose in EVERYTHING like he has absolutely nothing to do with WindClan he should worry about his own Clans he is not the only leader doing a fine job with their Clan . ps I believe he is bored cause he has absolute control over his Clan although I am not saying he should not help other Clans when they are REALLY in need.

Leopardstar – when she was a warrior or kit or ‘paw’ she was very arrogant and stubborn I mean she turned Frogleap away and still expected him not to get another mate and will still be secretly in love with her.

Lightleap and Blazefire – Betrayal nothing else BETRAYAL ps I actually ship them though 🙂

Tigerstar the 2

Very arrogant with RiverClan and demands a bunch of cats to be put into danger so Rowankit survives

Millie – without her Blossomfall wouldn’t be so depressed she shouted at Blossomfall because se was hurt! Like what kind of mother does that?

Sol – He lied about a bunch of things , claimed he can do stuff that he can’t and put cats in danger


Hollyleaf – she just want acceptance I mean her brothers were part of the three and she probably felt really left out and when she thought she had a connection to the Warrior code she found out she was half clan so she was really stressed

Breezepelt – he had a hard life like he had two parents who always argued and is father always mean to him

Brightheart – when she lost half of her face she didn’t give up instead she learnt the herbs that really helped in the future

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