Happy Birthday, Firepaw/moon!

Exciting news, BlogClan:

It’s Firepaw’s birthday! =D

I read on your wiki page that you like Minecraft – you have wonderful taste in games! Let’s see what we can do for you in the cake department. One minute, if you please … here we are; I’ve found just the thing!

A square, green and black cake decorated to look like a creeper from Minecraft.
(image credit: SweetenTheWorld on YouTube!)

That looks lovely; I hope you enjoy it! I’ve heard that, with digital cakes, you can customize the flavor just by using your imagination – pretty impressive, eh? I think I’d have it taste like good old-fashioned chocolate, myself, but what about you, Firepaw? Any flavors you like best? Do tell us! I hope you have a fantastic day with plenty of gifts, if that’s how you celebrate – feel free to share how it goes with us all! Happy birthday to you! 🎶

Oh, and – before I forget – there are gifts for you! =O These were sent in by Vixenpaw!

EEP EEP EEP FIREYYYYYYYYYYYY IT’S UR BIRTHDAY!!!! I really enjoy being your chaos bud and Blogsis. This drawing is for you! Also, I made an acrostic!
Funny and friendly to all he meets
I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful friend
Reliable and radiant through all my storms
Moony, you are a wonderful person
Orange is your purr, but Firey is your heart
Optimistic and outstanding, my bud till the end,
Never will I not be your friend.
I hope you like it!

A drawing of a smirking ginger cat with black paws and a black tail tip.
Drawing by Vixenpaw!

And this was sent in for you by Fernpaw/mist! =D

A drawing of a ginger and black-spotted cat sitting down.

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(Don't let the moon change your mind! 🌙)