Happy Clanniversery, Frogstorm!

Today is Frogstorm’s third clanniversary! Thank you for hanging around for a trifecta of fantastic years! It’s been a blast having you with us, and the blog wouldn’t be the same without you.

Image description: a tabby cat with bright green eyes sticks out its tongue

It’s been a busy three years as well! You’ve done a lot during your time on the blog: ran games, roleplayed, chatted about books, and of course, earned your senior warrior status! Your kind and engaging presence has truly added to our friendly little community. I hope you’ve had as much fun as the rest of us have had!

Image description: rainbow colored balloons with “congrats” spelled beneath them

And now for an acrostic poem!





Image description: a cake topped with cream and mango on a grey plate

Your wiki says you like mangos, so I have procured you a yummy looking mango cake! Unfortunately I also like mangos, so I’m afraid my stomach may have subsequently procured some of it as well…..

I hope you have a hoppy clanniversary, and may all your future ones be grand as well! What’s been the best thing about your blogclan career so far? Is there anything particularly un-frog-ettable?

Image description: a green frog with a black butterfly on its head


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