[Bluestar looking out during a lightning storm]

My Opinions on Bluestar By Acornblaze

Acornblaze shares their thoughts on Bluestar.

[Bluestar looking out during a lightning storm]
Artwork by GoldenPhoenix
[Bluestar looking out during a lightning storm]

SPOILER WARNING: There will be spoilers for Bluestar’s Prophecy and The Prophecies Begin. This is my first Article so I hope you like it! Now lets get into it. I like Bluestar overall , and I think she had a great character development and storyline. So let’s start at the beginning.

Bluestar’s Childhood
Bluestar had a traumatic childhood. As a kit she was basically ignored by her father, Stormtail because he was cheating on her mom Moonflower. Stormtail was always hanging out with Dapplepaw (later Dappletail). Although we don’t know what happened to Stormtail he did go to StarClan. We can tell that he and Bluekit were not very close, because he never gave Bluestar one of her nine lives. She had a crazy uncle who later gave her a prophecy about her death as a young cat! At least she had Snowkit, her sister, to help her. Bluepaw was then apprenticed to Stonepelt, who never did anything (I don’t even remember them training at all).

Bluestar’s Apprenticeship
Goosefeather, Bluepaw and Snowpaw’s uncle had a sign from StarClan that they had to attack WindClan or they would be destroyed. Ummmm… What? Windclan and ThunderClan were not even at war and it just seemed like it was a crazy assumption from a crazy cat. Then Bluepaw, Snowpaw, and Moonflower were recruited to go to the battle. In the battle Hawkheart killed Moonflower and this was so sad! Bluepaw and Snowpaw were soooo sad! Then Stonepelt retired and Sunfall (Later Sunstar) became her new mentor. I like Sunstar a lot and I think his crush on Moonflower is cute. I imagine he was mad at Stormtail for cheating on Moonflower. Sadly Moonflower died (NOOOOOO, although she was kinda a Mary-Sue). Also does anyone else remember that scene at a gathering when Bluepaw and Crookedpaw seemed to be in love? Then Oakheart suddenly got all the attention. BluexCrooked is so much better than BluexOak.

Bluestar as a warrior
As a warrior bluepaw became Bluefur and Snowpaw got the same suffix. I have always thought it was weird that they got the same suffix, but that’s besides the point. After they become warriors Thisleclaw starts to become important. He and Snowfur fall in love and Bluestar advises her sister that he is ambitious and blood thirsty. Snowfur and Bluefur had always been so close until then. Thisleclaw was kinda annoying, but I think he truly loved Snowfur. Also Thrushpelt was so kind to Bluefur (I totally ship BluexTrush). Then Snowfur has Whitekit and Bluefur get mad at her (For loving Thistleclaw I think?) and Snowfur runs onto Thunderpath and she is hit by a monster dying. This was one of the saddest deaths in my opinion and though I didn’t cry when Snowfur died I cried when Whitekit asked where she was. Then Bluefur helps parent Whitekit, and I think their relationship is so cute! In The Prophecies Begin Whitestorm is always looking out for her and sometimes Fireheart finds him in her den spending time with her.

Bluestar’s kits
This is a very controversial topic in the Warriors Fandom. Remember these are just opinions and you can share yours in the comments. I think bluestar did the wrong thing giving up her kits. I don’t think she was prepared to be a mother when she became pregnant and she was not ready for kits. She was planning to be deputy when she had them and she stopped seeing Oakheart, meaning she was a single parent. She loved her kits, but she was independent and a bit prideful as a warrior and so instead of having another queen watch them while she was busy or letting Thrushpelt help parent them. She could have even tried to convince Sunstar not to let Thistleclaw become the deputy. I’m sure he would have considered her advice, she was his apprentice and he trusted her. But she decided to send them away to RiverClan (WHY????). Then Mosskit dies and Oakheart takes Mistykit and Stonekit to RiverClan where Graypool rais them. Then Bluestar grieves for a long time before Sunstar talkies her into sense and she becomes the deputy. I don’t think that she should have done what she did, but I can’t imagine the Warriors books if things didn’t happen that way. If Stonefur didn’t have Featherpaw and Stormpaw, they would have never gone on the journey to the Sun Drown Place and many more cats would have died.
Bluestar as a Deputy
She didn’t really do much as a deputy and I always thought it was weird how short Sunstar’s leadership was.
Bluestar’s leadership
Ok, a lot happened here so I’m going to try to stay on topic. Bluestar was an amazing leader for most of the time. As a leader she found Firepaw and Graypaw and brought Firepaw back to the clan. After a long time he was made a warrior after both Redtail and Lionheart died Tigerclaw was made the new deputy and Bluestar doubted Fireheart. Then after Tigerclaw’s betrayal she made Fireheart the deputy and called everyone but him a traitor. She refused to make any apprentice warriors unless they were mentored by Fireheart. Then she accused WindClan of stealing rabbits from ThunderClan territory when it was obviously a dog, and Fireheart had to go behind her back to the windclan camp to stop the war. Then she figured out that Tigerstar was the new leader and she continued to make outrageous commands. She claimed that StarClan had declared war on them (But she never said that they don’t exist. She remembers them giving her nine lives.) Then a few moons later she saved Firehearts life, and possibly all of ThunderClan before she fell off a cliff, was rescued by her kits in RiverClan and died.

So in conclusion I like Bluestar. We got to see her faults and her strong points. Every character makes mistakes so I still really like her even after she gave up her kits. I think it was cool seeing her fall apart at the end of her leadership and then go to StarClan. Thankyou for reading and I would love to see your opinions in the comments.

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