Happy Birthday, Lynxclaw!

Hiya, BlogClan! There’s a new birthday-haver in town:

Lynxclaw! =D Happy birthday, Lynn!

I think I’ve found a very fitting cake for the occasion, if I do say so myself…

A tall, cylindrical, dark blue cake decorated to look like the night sky. A lynx is painted in edible watercolours against a white background, framed with chocolate and affixed to the front of the cake.
(image credit: Erika Cakes on cakesdecor.com!)

How about it? Beautifully painted, and fully edible! Well, it would be, but the digital bakery doesn’t do through-the-screen deliveries anymore. Pity, that! We’ll just have to hope you get a real-world cake of your own. Or your preferred treat of choice, whatever that may be – I’m dying to know! ;D And while you’re at it, you can tell us how you’re planning to spend the day. Or any gifts you might’ve received. Regale us with it all if you like, Lynn! And again, happy birthday! =D 🎉

🍓🌾 Nettlespring (Jeri) | Rainbowpaw’s Mentor! | "A romantic"? Why, I'm the furthest thing from it! /j 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

(Don't let the moon change your mind! 🌙)

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