[a design of Alderheart sitting down]

Renaming 5 Warrior Cats by Wolfpaw

Wolfpaw gives new names to characters from the series.

[a design of Alderheart sitting down]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a design of Alderheart sitting down]

Hello, everyone! Wolfpaw here, and today, I’m going to be renaming some Warrior Cats with unfortunate titles and give them something new! Let’s begin! I’ll be going through these in alphabetical order. I’ll only be changing suffixes. *Note: For readers who aren’t done with the series, this article spoils some Warrior names, along with some major details. Proceed with caution!*

1: Alderheart -> Aldercloud

Alderheart is the well-known ThunderClan Medicine Cat, apprentice to Jayfeather, and seeker of SkyClan. He was unfortunately the victim of the -heart suffix trend, meaning that I’m going to find a new name for him. Alderheart is quite timid, but also a kind cat. I am going to rename Alderheart to Aldercloud. The suffix -cloud brings to mind a caring and meek cat, which fits our character perfectly.

2: Ashfur -> Ashblaze.

Ashfur, Ashfur, Ashfur. We all know this villain to be the lovesick warrior-turned-arsonist-turned-impostor. The suffix “fur” is yet another generic choice, one that doesn’t make him sound like an important cat. I chose the suffix “Blaze” because it not only foreshadows the fire scene but also represents the fire he had in his heart for Squirrelflight/star… burning brightly and never extinguishing until the bitter end.

3: Bluefur/star -> Bluesnow

I don’t like repeating myself, so I’m going to dive right into the naming. Long story short, Bluefur’s sister (Snowfur) died. While this occurred after the Warrior ceremony, I feel like Bluefur could have asked to change her name in honor of her sister. In addition, her allegiance description notes that she has silver tinged around her muzzle. While snow is white, silver is a similar color.

4: Crookedjaw/star -> Crookedbranch

Stormkit was renamed Crookedkit by his mother. Then named Crookedjaw, which makes the joke even worse. I’m going to change the name to Crookedbranch, because a branch is strong, just like Crookedjaw’s willpower!

5: Deadfoot -> Deadflower

Poor Hopkit, renamed after that horrible accident to Deadpaw, then Deadfoot. I’m afraid there isn’t much that I can do, but I chose the name Deadflower. This fits the WindClan tom because

Honorable mentions:
Every single -fur cat, but there are too many.
Bugeater. Horrible name, unimportant cat.

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