Happy Birthday, Finchflare!

We’re on a roll with these! Guess whose birthday it is today! Actually, I’ll save you the trouble (because I’ve already made that joke):

It’s Finchflare’s! Happy birthday, Finchflare!🎉

One topical cake, coming right up:

A two-tiered white cake sitting on a slab of wood, with swirling branches wrapped around each tier. On top is a nest ornament with two fake birds sitting inside.

Now, I have to admit, these birds aren’t finches, but they are adorable, so I’m hoping you’ll let it fly (ha ha ha).

What’s on the agenda for today, Finch? Are you having a party? Will there be cake? Can I maybe, possibly, hopefully have some? /j Regardless of how you spend it, I hope you have a brilliant time, and a very happy birthday to you once again!

🍓🌾 Nettlespring (Jeri) | Rainbowpaw’s Mentor! | I do what I do I slay when I slay 💣

-- and all that jazz!🎷🎹🎺🎶


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