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My favorite warrior cats and why! by Leafcloud

Leafcloud lists their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

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Ahem! LeafCloud here. I am new to BlogClan, but I have been reading many fan articles and decided to make one of myself to defend my favorite characters! So, let’s start!

My favorite cats:
1: Firestar!!!
I love him. He was in so many prophecies, and he was such a nice cat. He didn’t get mad when the clan cats taunted him about his kitty pet roots (except with LongTail) and he cared about his clan above anything else.

2: BrackenFur
Look, I know this wasn’t a popular choice, but I think BrackenFur was great. He was a good mentor to WhitePaw, and he fought every battle. He was always easy going and nice to every cat. Also, he didn’t complain when he was kicked out of the medicine cat den due to JayKit needing space, and he was a vey patient and experienced warrior. I think BrackenFur should’ve been the deputy instead of BrambleClaw (Don’t get mad at me for saying that, and I would love to hear your opinions!!!)

3: Bluestar
I love Bluestar. She was brave and kind, and I understood her motives in Bluestar’s prophecy. She did go a little crazy in the end of the prophecies begin, but I think she did it for a reason. I felt empathy for her in Bluestar’s prophecy. Losing Snowfur and Moonflower must be really painful. And also dealing with Thistleclaw. She couldn’t have let him become deputy. Losing her kits was painful as well! Bluestar could have won the award for “the warrior cat who has experienced the most pain”.

4: Jayfeather
Now this is a popular choice! I don’t really have many reasons why I like him, it’s just because I think he was really smart, and if I were him, I would do the exact same things that he did. Jayfeather learned how to deal with being a medicine cat, and I totally understood his motives. Losing his dream as a warrior must be really difficult for him.

5: BristleFrost
Who doesn’t like BristleFrost? She’s kind and generous, and she risked everything for the ones she loved. She gave up her life and even her entire existence to protect her clan. I love this cat. She could’ve won the award for being the kindest cat in warrior cat history.

Warrior cats I dislike
1: IvyPool
Before y’all get angry at me, let me explain why I dislike her. At first, I saw her as a cat who saw nothing but her jealousy. I hated her for lying and acting as though she’s important. She was responsible for RussetFur’ death. I don’t like her. And the fact that she once trained in the Dark Forest annoys me the most. Even though she was a spy in the end, she killed AntPelt. I think she is just a murderous character.

2: Dovewing
I don’t like her! She whines about her life every day, and she ran away with Tigerheartstar just to be with her love. If it was me, I’d have rejected Tigerheartstar and went to be with Bumblestripe instead. At least it wasn’t breaking the warrior code! And the clan half expected it anyways. It would’ve let the clan down.

3: BrambleStar
I don’t really dislike him THAT much, but I just think he’s a bit ambitious like TigerStar one. When he didn’t get appointed his first apprentice, he was as sad as a….something. BrambleClaw keeps ordering everyone around. If I were part of the clan, I’d not have let anyone boss me around if I think their decision is not reasonable. I am not a soft person and I will reject orders if I have to.

That’s all, my fellow BlogClanners! I would love to hear your opinions about these cats! Please leave comments if you like.


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