[a side profile design of Mapleshade walking with a grin]

Defending Mapleshade by Mushroompaw

Mushroompaw defends Mapleshade’s actions.

[a side profile design of Mapleshade walking with a grin]
Art by byStarCat
[a side profile design of Mapleshade walking with a grin]

Hello everyone its ya girlie Mushroompaw/light and today I will be defending my #1 favorite villain you guessed it Mapleshade!!! By the way pls don’t hate on me/ leave nasty comments this is my opinion so with that said lets get into it. So Mapleshade… Some might say she deserved the DF and some might say she doesn’t… But when I read MV ( Mapleshade’s Vengeance) I distinctly remember her thinking Starclan was helping her get revenge for her dead kits. But I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s start from the beginning…. Mapleshade was born too (unknown parents) in Thunderclan under (unknown leaders) Leadership. She was a loyal warrior except for one flaw… She was dating a riverclan warrior famously known as Appledusk… Btw he was a jerk so in honor of that…. The Jerkiest Jerk of the year goes too…. APPLEDUSK!!! Now then after Ravenwing snitched on her she had too bolt out. Now some people are like Why didn’t she use a bridge or a log or something? Well my answer too that is… SHE HAD LIKE 30 SECONDS TOO LEAVE THUNDERCLAN TERRITORY!!!! Ahem… Anyways…. Now let’s talk about the cats she…. Um … Oofed … Appledusk who cheated on her, Frecklewish ( not skyclan obvi) who watched her kits drown, and Ravenwing who got her into this mess. Honestly think about it.. If YOU got kicked out, cheated on, and found out your former clanmate didn’t help you wouldn’t YOU go crazy and mad? I would. She had solid reasons too kill everyone and if Flowerpaw I think that’s her name didn’t kill her if I were her if I’d kill Oakstar too. Also even while she was oofing everyone, she still never thought Starclan would abandon her. Also Thunderclan and Riverclan broke the Warrior code because kits were in danger and Riverclan only leaped too help when it was too late, and Oak, Freckle, and the rest of Thunderclan didn’t twitch a whisker too help the kits. Also Frecklewish thought they were birchsomethings kits but Mapleshade obviously couldn’t confirm it so she had too go along with it.

Anyways I hope that explains everything um yeah Mushroompaw OUT😎

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