Happy Birthday, Mangopaw/frond!

Back so soon? Well, that’s good news, seeing as we’ve got a second birthday to celebrate today: Mangopaw’s!

Happy birthday, Mango! =D

In your latest introductory comment, you mentioned liking Haikyu!! (just a little, eh? /j), so I went cake hunting accordingly. Here you go!

A round, brown, black and orange cake decorated with chocolate, swirls of frosting and Reese's cups. The logo of the anime "Haikyu!!" is pasted on the side, with a volleyball icon on top along with a Happy Birthday decoration.
(image credit: u/PUFF344 on r/haikyuu)

That looks like it’s got HEAPS of chocolate in it, so we’d best hope that’s something you like… If not, I’m sure the rest of the Blog’ll finish it for you while you have something more to your tastes B)

What’s in the cards for today, anyhow – got anything planned? Gonna have a party? Cake? Other miscellaneous snacks? Let us know how it goes, Mango, and another very happy birthday to you! 🎉

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-- and all that jazz!🎷🎹🎺🎶


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