[Jayfeather crouches on the ground with one paw on the Stick]

Worst Warrior Ships by Duskflame

Duskflame shares their opinions on various ships from the series.

[Jayfeather crouches on the ground with one paw on the Stick]
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[Jayfeather crouches on the ground with one paw on the Stick]

Fire + Sand
Sandpaw(then) : He is a kittypet and is disgusting
Firepaw(then) : I love you

Fernsong’s father is Lionblaze whose mother is Leafpool whose father is Firestar and who Cloudtail is nephew to and his ( Cloudtail not Firestar ) is Whitewing who is mother to Ivypool

Grey + Millie
I mean Millie was nice and all warrior like at first but then she had her kits then let Honeyfern die , rejected all her kits cuz Brairlight ‘s hind legs were crippled then fussed over that Brairlight had to move when she was ABSOULBTLY FINE ALREADY

Dove + Tiger
mostly because I support Bumble + Dove and then Dovewing ran away and when they came back Dovewing had to make all the sacrifices while Tigerstar became leader

Squirrel + Bramble
I support Ash + Squirrel cuz like Ashfur helped her when Brambleclaw was being mean Ashfur deserved Squirrelflight


Hawkfrost is DEAD you can’t have kits with a dead cat

they literally just meet each other at a gathering then in the battle they clawed each other like they don’t care

Stick doesn’t even have a gender they can be gay for goodness sake also IT’S A STICK you can’t be in love with A STICK

He confined her to camp like I know you are trying to keep her from danger but least let her do what she wants also he her feel like he is still in love with Honeyfern and that he doesn’t love her Poppyfrost

They are literally siblings!

Thornclaw is years older than her like you’re eighteen or something then a seven year old comes up to you to say they love you like isn’t that weird?

All was fine then Daisy had kits then Spiderleg abandoned her like who does that

Mapleshade deserved better she was a nice she-cat until Appledusk cheated on her! He kind of led her the way to the Dark Forest

Snowfur could have done better to see that Thistleclaw was being mean to her sister right?!Like Snowfur was really nice but like Thistleclaw only has his ambition for power .

most people forget about this ship but like Sasha made a good choice not joining him to ShadowClan like he was asking Sasha to sacrifice everything so he can become leader and he actually

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  • Emberkit/flame🔥🔥🌸Embers of Dying Flames 🦊"No cat that ever lived was perfect all the time. The trick is to learn from your mistakes and have courage to be true to your heart." - Cinderpelt🩵 says:


  • I respect your opinion, but I disagree on the Firestar x Sandstorm. It’s actually one of the most developed couples in the Fandom, and having a crush on someone isn’t really a problem, that’s completely normal. And I also ship Ivypool x Hawkfrost, but your complaint on that is completely reasonable. But I also disagree with the Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, Ashfur tried to burn her and her kits, why would she love him after that? I also disagree with Dovewing x Tigerstar complaint because Bumblestripe made her want to leave ThunderClan, plus he stalked her. And he treated her like a queen which I don’t think she really liked. But I do understand your frustration for Jay x Stick. I hate that ship! I ship him with Half Moon instead because the reason people ship him with the stick is because they misunderstand that the reason he loves the stick is because he gets to visit Half Moon.

    • How could you ship Ivypool and Hawkfrost? Don’t forget Hawkfrost manipulated IvyPAW after being a grown and dead WARRIOR because she felt inferior to her sister. That’s toxic and weird. Other than that everything else is valid.