[a full-body design of Emberdawn (RiverClan) walking and looking behind her]

Cats you Forgot Existed (Probably) by Rosefern

Rosefern lists characters that often go unnoticed.

[a full-body design of Emberdawn (RiverClan) walking and looking behind her]
Art by warriorsproject (tumblr)
[a full-body design of Emberdawn (RiverClan) walking and looking behind her]

Hey peeps! Today I was bored and began listing Warrior Cats that were mentioned then totally forgotten about. I came up with a pretty long list and decided to share it with yall!
Rockfall- He appeared as Rockpaw in the allegiances as Rockpaw and had a few things as Rockfall, just an old ThunderClan warrior.
Tawnyfur- In Rising Storm, she was Tawnypaw, apprenticed to Tornear (who just happens to also be her father) and in A Danerous Path she was Tawnyfur, a golden brown she-cat, but with no real appearances.
Dewspots- Tawnyfur’s sister, in the Allegiances in later Power Of Three
Willowclaw- Onestar’s daughter from the earlier litter, in later Power Of Three she was mentor to Swallowpaw who would become Swallowtail.
Nightwing- she was the mother of Talonpaw and Smokepaw and appeared on the Great Journey in TNP.
Thistleheart- She was Sedgewhisker’s sister and was never in the Allegiances the Erins kinda forgot about her, she was just a kit and then disappeared, then they say she died in the great battle.
Greenflower- In Su Susann missing kits she was Reedtail’s mate but only had one speaking line, helping Silverstream get home from the Gathering.
Silverpaw- was Heavystep’s apprentice placed right next to Silverstream in the allegiances of TPB books 2 and 3. Coincidence? Hmm, hmm hmm?
Otterheart- She was on a patrol in the Fourth Apprentice and she is Graymist’s sister.
Pinefur- Robinwing’s mentor in riverclan
Robinwing of RiverClan- idk some guy from the Last Hope what happened to him I kinda forgot
Robinwing of WindClan- From TNP
Pricklekit- Icewing’s kit, littermates with Petalfur and Grasspelt and and Beetlewhisker. What the heck happened to him?
Creekfeather- SkyClan character- was a kit in SkyClan’s destiny then we saw him completed his warrior assessment in the epilogue.
Wavepaw and Cypresspaw- named after Wavesplash and Cypresswind of BlogClan, they appeared once at a gathering in Thunder and Shadow.
Emberdawn- She was Mosspelt’s sister and appeared in Leopardstar’s Honor, she was named after Embix of Blogclan (Hiii!) along with Emberdawn #2 Silverhawk’s mate. [Embix edit: hi!]
Gorsetail, #1- he was a WindClan warrior and captured by Twolegs with Mistyfoot and Leafpaw, and Mistyfoot hissed at him for being on RiverClan territory.
Dawnbright- A character who appeared in Leopardstar’s Honor.
Mallowtail- Dawnbright’s sister.
Darkflower- The Brightflower wannabe why does she exist?
Rushpaw, Tanglepaw, Pikepaw, and Duckpaw- they appeared in battles of the clans with Mistystar being the leader. Except maybe they were just made up to explain the situation lol
Ashfur #1- Skinny gray tom from book 1 (From the very beginning lol)
I’m very sad to say that is the end.. Maybe I’ll do more. LOL *Rosefern out!*

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