Happy Clanniversary, Zealpelt!

This time last year, Blogclan gained a great new member: Zealpelt! Congrats on reaching your 1 year clanniversary, Zeal! I hope you’ve had fun, because it’s been fantastic to have you here.

Image description: a fluffy white cat with blue eyes ang grey markings sits next to a pink flower

One whole year….wow! That’s a lot of days, almost as many as the number of contributions you’ve made in such a short time. You’ve written articles and fanfiction, hosted games, and made some great art! You come across as kind and mature, but also super fun to be around. Thanks for being awesome!

Image description: a bunch of colorful, circle shaped confetti

And now for an acrostic poem!

Zealous estful (you are very zealous as well, but that felt like cheating 😛 )




Image description: a pale green cake decorated with a green, leafy plant

Here’s a neat, nature themed cake for you! I can hardly resist eating it all myself, but since it’s your clanniversary, I’ll leaf it alone.

Once again, happy clanniversary Zealpelt! I hope you stick around for many years to come. Do you have a favorite blog memory or a funny story from the past year?

Image description: a tabby cat with green eyes and a white polka dotted party hat


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